Translate module "facebook shop"

On the 'Informations' category header, is there a way to edit the text and remove the 's'? It would make it read better in English. I reffer to Facebook Shop on my facebook fanpage of course. The last item inside the menu is "informations" i want to change it to proper one, how i can achieve it?

PrestaShop expert answer

to translate the "informations", go to: 
1) localization 
2) translations 
3) installed modules translations 
4) click on flag (language you want to change)

then you will be redirected to page with list of the modules and available "texts" to translate, search there for "faceshop" 
you will see there "informations" field to translate, do it there and save changes

author milos myszczuk
Answer by Milosz Myszczuk PrestaShop expert, official PrestaShop community moderator. PHP developer, specialist in relative and spatial databases management, GIS Analyst, CEO & founder of VEKIA interactive agency. Read more about VEKIA company
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