Gift card module for PrestaShop - explanation of how it works

Hi, i’m looking for a gift cards plugin and i’d like to ask some info about your plugin "Prestashop Gift Cards - sell voucher codes" :

I’m looking something that work in this way:

  1. customer that place an order for a gift card/voucher for another person will receive a confirmation email with a thanksgiving text/layout and the person will receive another email with another layout (e.g. Here it is a gift for you from … etc.) The e-commerce owner will receive a confirmation order email with customer and the one who will receive the gift both data.
  2. Every gift card/voucher code must be unique and will have to expire once activated.
  3. Customer can use a gift voucher to decrease order total amount and then pay the difference.
  4. Some plugin description talk about “Allow you to create gift vouchers in unlimited number” so are there any voucher creation limits?
  5. Customers can set a custom amount to gift or there are pre-set amount (30€ - 50€ - 100€ , ecc.)?
  6. Will be a dedicated area to manage gift voucher?
  7. Can a customer define when the voucher will be sent (for example for a birthday) ?
  8. Is it multilanguage?
  9. Can i set voucher expire date?
  10. Can i create a voucher as administrator and print it with a preset layout? I need to do this to send a discount for our customers inside their parcels. 

PrestaShop expert answer

  1. gift card module from my offer does: 

    - sends email with voucher code (gift email) to person who bought the gift card product 
    - person that bought gift card can fill out form to send the gift card to friend 
    - owner of the shop can receive a "copy" of these emails

  2. each coupon code generated by gift card module from my offer is: 

    - unique 
    - can have custom expiration date 
    - can be used only one time 
    these options are available to define on voucher code "advanced settings" page in the module (screenshot for reference:  )

  3. this is how voucher codes works in the prestashop, they decrease the order value and customer have to pay the rest amount
  4. I dont know what other developers thing about it, but in my module this means that you can define unlimited number of products that will be treated as a gift card. Each this kind of product (gift card) can have own unique settings. So in effect you can sell many gift cards with different settings like: 

    - gift card that is worth €100 
    - gift card that is worth €160 and is valid for 2 years 
    - gift card that is worth €10 and is valid for 1 year 
    - gift card that is worth €100 and works for products from selected category only, like "TSHIRTS" etc. 
    - gift card that is worth €150 and is valid for 1 week, and works for products that is associated with selected manufacturer, for example "NIKE" 

  5. yes, description above in point (4) clarifies the way of how it works
  6. as an admin you can manage gift code settings from module configuration page, and gift codes from cart rules section in your back office of the shop
  7. module sends gift card to customer who bought the gift card product: 

    - once order will be paid and system will receive payment confirmation 
    - once order will be verified by you manually (if your payment method doesnt do it autmatically)

    Customers will be able to manage gifts in their "orders history" section, and in "my account" section where they can see the list of gifts they bought, they can manage the gifts there. And send the gift they bought to friend.

  8. module supports multilanguage, it works well with shops based on multilanguage and multistore too :-)
  9. yes, it is possible to define voucher expire date in 2 ways: 

    - define the expiration of the voucher in days. For exmaple, voucher will expire after 10 days 
    - define the expiration of the voucher as a date, for exmaple, voucher will expire on 01-JANUARY-2016

  10. you can do it without the module in prestashop feature called "price rules > cart rules"
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