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Hi, Saw "Prestashop Step by step - categories" module to build menu with categories, i read the description and check print screens but could not understand how to associate existent products to categories. I want to make car parts lookup but need to associate product to specific car model. Any demo? Thanks, Afonso

PrestaShop expert answer

Hello Afonso, this module is based on categories tree that are available in your online store. This means that to associate product with category you have to create associations that are available on your product edit page. There you can associate product with selected categories. 

associations section on module configuration page


based on this association module will created product feed. So, in simple words - module build dropdowns based on categories that are in your shop and shows products that are associated with selected categories. Like it is in prestashop by default. Demo links are available on module page, you can find it here: ajax dropdown categories menu

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