How to display page plugin (facebook) inside footer

Hello.. I just installed and configured your Facebook Like Box Free module. I just can't seems to get it down in my footer. I have a "Big Footer" module installed too. My shop name is XXX - can I please have a little help? Charlotte.

Hello Charlotte.

Thank you for choosing my free facebook page plugin module. If you want to display likebox in footer your theme must have displayFooter hook (or old name: Footer). Please verify your footer.tpl file for that kind of hook. It should have something like {$HOOK_FOOTER}. If it doesnt have - enter it here and don't forget to unhook unwanted modules from this position from back office section: modules > positions (from dispalyFooter modules list)

author milos myszczuk
Answer by Milosz Myszczuk PrestaShop expert, official PrestaShop community moderator. PHP developer, specialist in relative and spatial databases management, GIS Analyst, CEO & founder of VEKIA interactive agency. Read more about VEKIA company