How to add more currencies to shop

Hello, im struggling with currencies at the moment. I have prestashop, when i add new currency under localization > currencies - i cant configure it properly, in addition there are a lot of settings - i have no idea what to put there, 
any help?

I understand your confusion because there we can find a lot of settings related to currency. Because of this it is better to import localization pack. Go to localization > localization, you will see "import a localization pack" form. From first dropdown select your country (or country with currency you want to add). Then in "content to import" select "currencies" only., then click on "import' button.

your new currency will be added after download (several seconds) and all setting fields will be filled out with proper datas :-) 


localization pack import

author milos myszczuk
Answer by Milosz Myszczuk PrestaShop expert, official PrestaShop community moderator. PHP developer, specialist in relative and spatial databases management, GIS Analyst, CEO & founder of VEKIA interactive agency. Read more about VEKIA company