How to add custom contents to category page?

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I would like to hook my own custom html code to the central column on a category page. How do I get the center column hook to do so?

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You can achieve it in two ways. First one is related to modifications of the category.tpl theme file - it is a little impractical, second with module to put custom contents to the shop. I will describe both of them here.


Modification of category.tpl

In this case you have to alter your theme file: category.tpl. File is located in main directory of your theme, for default-bootstrap template the path to file is: /themes/default-bootstrap/category.tpl. If you want to put contents above everything that center column displays, put your contents to the top of the file. If you want to display contents below the list of products, put the contents AFTER the line:

{include file="./product-list.tpl" products=$products}

This method is a little impractical, because each time you will want to change the contents - you will have to do it manually in the file. Moreover, these contents will appear on each category page. So you cant personalize contents for categories. If you're interested in definition custom contents that will be different for each category, check second method


Custom module to put custom contents to shop

This is the best way to achieve what you want. With html box pro module you can put contents anywhere you want (also on category pages). This addon allows to define contents for selected categories only, so you can easily controll the appearance of the contents and you can do it directly from your shop back office. I recorded videoguide that is available below:



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