Prestashop Cash on pickup at store (+fee)

With this module for PrestaShop you can add new payment method to your online shop. Customers will have possibility to pay for the order upon pickup at your physical store. Module has feature to include additional fee or include a discount (a percentage value of order or in amount).

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.3.1
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

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This payment module for PrestaShop alows your customers to pay for their orders when hey will pickup it at your physical retail store. This extension has several additional improvements that allows - for example - to add additional payment fee to order total value. Additional informations about the module you can find below

Key features available in the module

  1. cash on pickup with fee
  2. cash on pickup with percentage fee
  3. cash on pickup with flat amount fee
  4. cash on pickup with discount
  5. cash on pickup with percentage discount
  6. cash on pickup with flat amount discount


pay upon pickup at store prestashop


Available features in cash on pickup module

Main and most important feature in the module is a "payment method" that will be visible for your customers during checkout. Customer can select it and then - pay for the order upon pickup of the products in your real retail store. As a shop owner you can decide about how module will work - you can configure the module on its configuration page.


Compliant with legal requirements

Module fully supports European Union law requirements. This law says that it is necessary to inform your customers, right before they will confirm order about cart details. You should show information about products in cart, what are the value of them, information about tax, shipping fees etc.


Cart summary before confirmation

Module allows to display full cart summary right before customer will confirm the order. Cart summary contains detailed information about the products that customer will order, what is the value of taxes, shipping fees or additional fees (like pay on pickup fee)


Customer address and billing information before confirmation

Module has feature to display information about customer right before it will confirm the order. Information about customer contains address details and billing details


Feature to include fee or include a discount

One from the great features avaialble in this "cash on pickup" module is possibility to include additional fee to the order total or give a discount for order. Value of fee or discount can be percentage (it will be a percentage value of cart total - calculation will be based on value of products with tax) or you can specify flat amount. Currency of fee will be automatically changed and value of fee calculated.


Conditions related to additional fee

If you will decide to include the fee to the order total - you can decide when it will be included. As a shop owner you can decide that fee will be added when order total will be higher than defined value, or lower than defined value. If order total will meet defined requirements - module will include the fee. If it will not meet requirements - module will not include it.


Informations about additional fee

You can display information about additional fee and its value on the list of available payment methods. Customer will see there information that this payment method includes additional fee and what is the value of it.

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Cash on pickup at store (+fee) Changelog - informations about updates


- added missing polish translations

- added feature to hide information about fees / discount if there is no additional fee or discount

- improved email variables - it contains total products value with tax included / excluded depending on shop's settings



- added feature to include a discount (when customer will select this payment method it will get a discount)



- released major update of the module

- improved the design of the module

- added support of PrestaShop 1.7.x



- added support of PrestaShop 1.6.x, so at the moment module works with 1.5.x and 1.6.x



- added improvements to module order confirmation page



- released module on mypresta addons marketplace