Prestashop Happy Birthday Coupon

Birthday coupon module so-called Birthday voucher pro is a marketing tool that allows to send dedicated unique discount codes for customers that have a birthday. This plugin has advanced personalization of the voucher codes where you can define each aspect of the coupon. It is the most advanced tool available at the moment.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.5.4
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

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This birthday voucher pro addon for PrestaShop is most advanced happy birthday coupon module. Plugin contains advanced voucher configuration tool that allows to define coupon code with very detailed settings. Module sends one coupon per year for each customer birthday. You can define template of email that module will send. Below you can find details about voucher configuration tool. Module allows to define groups of customers allowed to receive dedicated birthday coupon code.


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Advanced voucher configuration tool

As you already know - this plugin has advanced voucher configuration tool. This is the most advanced feature to define voucher code settings in modules. So, as a shop owner you can define detailed specification of voucher code. You can do it on module configuration page. Options available in this tool you can find below.


Main voucher code settings

  1. You can define voucher code name in each language active in your shop
  2. You can define description of voucher code (visible only for you)
  3. You can define number of characters used in automatically generated voucher code
  4. You can enable or disable voucher code sufix
  5. You can define sufix in each language active / available in your shop
  6. You can enable or disable voucher code prefix
  7. You can define prefix in each language active / available in your shop
  8. You can Highlight voucher code in the cart summary
  9. You can enable or disablee "partial use" option - this feature is applicable if the voucher is greater than the cart total)
  10. You can define voucher code "priority" option, A cart rule with priority of "1" will be processed before a cart rule with a priority of "2"
  11. You can define if voucher code will be active / or disabled right after generation


Voucher code conditions

  1. You can define how long voucher code will be active. You can define this option in days.
  2. You can define minimum cart value, for which voucher code will be active.
  3. You can define minimum cart value currency (you can select currency from all available currencies in your shop)
  4. You can define tax options for minimum cart value (tax included or excluded)
  5. You can define shipping option for minimum cart value (shipping included or excluded)
  6. You can define Total available option of coupon, the cart rule will be applied to the first "X" uses
  7. You can define Total available for each user option - a cusomer will only be able to use the cart rule "X" time(s)
  8. You can add rule concerning categories (you can use it or not - everything depends on you)
  9. With cart rule concerning categories you can select categories (see picture) for which voucher code will be active
  10. You can add rule concerning products (the same as with categories rule - you can use it or not)
  11. With cart rule concerning products you can select products (see picture)  for which voucher code will be active
  12. You can add rule concerning manufacturers (the same as category rule - you can select it or not)
  13. With cart rule concerning manufacturers you can select manufacturers for which code will be active
  14. you can add rule concerning suppliers
  15. With cart rule concerning suppliers you can select suppliers for which code will be active
  16. You can add rule concerning attributes
  17. With cart rule concerning attributes you can select product attributes for which voucher code will be active
  18. You can trun on rule concerning carriers
  19. With cart condition concerning carriers you can allow to use coupon code only with specific carrier
  20. You can enable option "uncombinable with other cart rules" - this means that it will be not possible to use this coupon code with other voucher codes
  21. You can define that voucher code will be shared between shops (multistore) or not


Voucher codes actions

  1. You can enable or disable Free shipping option
  2. You can select a discount type
  3. It mean that you can select percentage discount, or discount it amount, or just disable it
  4. You can specify percentage (%) discunt value
  5. You can specify amount discount value currency and tax (included or excluded)
  6. You can apply discount to order value (without shipping) or to specific product (from your catalog)
  7. You can apply discount to cheapest product
  8. You can apply discount to selected products in "conditions" section.
  9. You can turn on option "send free gift" and select product (with attribute) that will be treated as a free gift


How this module sends coupon codes?

This module sends coupon codes based on cron job table. On your hosting you can add a special link (that module generates and displays it on configuration page). Once your host will run this link from cron job, module will send coupon codes to your customers that have a birthday. Of course customer can get only one coupon code per year because only one time per year we have a birthday ;-)

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Happy Birthday Coupon Changelog - informations about updates


- added feature to test the email delivery process

- redesigned module configuration page



- added new feature to send a voucher code before the birtday (you can specify the number of days)

- added new feature to voucher code settings to define the groups of customers that will have possibility to use coupon

- added new feature dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7 to exclude discounted products

- added improvements to "highlight" voucher code in cart (voucher is generated with proper settings)

- added improvements to "minimal required basket" (it uses minimal basket currency properly)



- updated the module save settings process, now it saves groups of customers allowed to receive coupon code properly



- improvements to voucher generation process in new version of prestashop 1.7.x

- added option to define what groups of customers are allowed to receive dedicated birthday voucher code

- improved translation process of the plugin (now module can be translated properly)

- updated polish translation



- better mutlistore support, now you can decide if voucher generated with module will be available to use in other shops (or only in shop where it was generated)



- started project on mypresta addons marketplace