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Pay by phone - payment module for PrestaShop is an very popular method of payment. For example - customers to pay you have to call to your shop and provide credit card details. You as a shop owner can charge they credit cards in your credit card payment terminal. Of course you can use this module in a different way, for example - to discuss the ways of payment that will be convenient to your customer.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x
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Module version 1.4.1
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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As you already know - this module is a payment method for your online store. With this addon you give your customers ability to pay for their orders after phone call. You can discuss with them the best payment method that will fit to your customer needs. You can also process the credit card payment etc. Module is flexible - it allows to define own instructions so you can use it in a several ways. Details about module configuration possibilities you can find below.


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Main features of the module

Main and the most important feature of this addon is possibility to provide new payment method frequently called "pay by phone". This kind of payment is used to charge customers credit cards very often. So you can use it in that way too. The other settings available in the module are:


Possibility to define phone number

If you use several languages in your shop - that is not a problem. Module allows to define different phone number that will be available to call depending on language that customer uses. It's great feature, especially if we have international business.


Short description

You can specify details about payment method directly from module configuration page. These details will appear near the "pay by phone" payment method on list of available payment methods for order that customer trying to place in your shop.


Own detailed instructions

Addon allows to define detailed instructions related to payment by phone.  You can define steps that are necessary to finalize the payment process directly from module configuration page. Of course you can define different instructions for each language version available in your shop. This detailed instruction will appear on last order step (right after order confirmation). Customer will receive it also via email.


Possibility to use dynamic variables

Big advantage of the addon is fact that in "detailed instructions" field you can use dynamic variables. Module will replace these variables with values. For example you can dynamically generate phone number, value of order, order reference, order id. This will help you to build detailed instructions, so whole process of payment will be user-friendly and much faster than instructions without these important informations.


Order summary right before order confirmation

European Union law requires e-commerce businesses to display detailed order summary right before order confirmation (there where customer presses button "i confirm my order"). Module is ready to support such feature (you can enable or disable it). In addition, you can also display address summary, so customer will be 100% sure that details he/she provided are okay.

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Pay By Phone Pro Changelog - informations about updates


- oficially released production version of prestashop pay by phone module for prestashop 1.6.x



- beta version for prestashop 1.7.x is ready



- added improvements to module name,1.3.5 .zip library may now work properly



- added button "go to your orders history" that appears on order confirmation page 



- added fixes related to appearance of "notification" about undefined variables id_shop and id_lang variables



- added fixes to appearance of warning that "phone number is necessary to use the module" 



- updated engine to check updates in the module

- added fixes to notification appearance: "Undefined variable: returntotal" on module back office configuration page



- added support of PrestaShop 1.5.x

- added updates notifications system

- now you can check for update from module back office

- you can enable /disasble automatic updates notifications (they will appear on top in modules > modules section)

- updated module translations



- started project and started to log changes in the module