Prestashop Minimal product quantity

With this module you can define minimum quantity that customer group must add to cart to go through the order process in your shop. If customer will put not enough quantity of product to cart - prestashop will spawn popup notification with information about required quantity

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
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Module version 1.7.8
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Module Minimal product quantity works with PrestaShop 1.7
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Minimum product quantity module for PrestaShop is an addon that allows to define restrictions for customer groups. You can define the minimum quantity of product that selected group of customers must add to cart to go through the order process.  If customer will not add reuqired quantity to cart - module will spawn popup with information about it and automatically increase quantity to required value.

minimum quantity of product for customer groups


Minimum quantity of product features

The most important feature of this module is an option to define restrictions related to products in shop. Each product can have own unique values of restrictions. Module creates new section on product edit page with features to define minimum quantity restriction for this product. Main features are listed below

  1. possibility to define minimum quantity restriction for products
  2. each customer group can have different restriction
  3. you can define restrictions for product and/or for product combinations
  4. if customer will put less products to cart module will spawn notification about that
  5. optionally, module will increase also value of quantity for this product
  6. option that allows to order only multiply of defined quantity for example 3,9,12,15,18 or 5,10,15,20 etc.
  7. module has feature to allow / disallow to order one single unit of product ("a sample of ...") even if you defined some minimal quantity rules


Examples of usage

  1. You're a wholesaler and your customers associated with group "wholesalers" too. You want allow them to order at least 100 quantity of selected products
  2. You sell some product in package, that contains 5 quantity of this product. Because of this, you can sell only quantity like 5, 10, 15 etc. 

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Minimal product quantity Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to usage of position displayProductAdditionalInfo that is required for module usage on product pages in prestashop 1.7 (replaced old hook productActions with new one)



- added feature that allows to decide if module will control quantity in shop's back office, or not.

- as you probably know prestashop allows to create an order in shops back office

- new option allows to decide how module will behave when admin creates an order in that way



- added improvements to module workflow related to option to display notifications about required minimal quantities and auto-add-to-cart process.



- added improvements to module code to make it work with php 7.2 properly

- updated polish translation

- updated spanish translation

- updated french translation

- updated italian translation



- added improvements to installation procedure to make module work properly with prestashop 1.7.5+

- added improvements to pagination tool on module configuration page (you can browse list of products properly now)



- added auto-check for module updates

- changed the way of how module saves its settings in PrestaShop 1.6.x



- added multistore environment support, now each shop can have own unique settings of minimal quantities, as well as other settings

- this version of module requires reinstallation (no worries, module will remember all its settings)



- added  feature to bulk activate/deactivate option to "accept only multiplied quantity" for products (from selected categories)

- added feature to quickly enable / disable option to "accept multiplied quantity" to "quick settings - products list" tool



- updated the design of module configuration in prestashop 1.7.4.x released



- improved module compability with prestashop 1.7.4.x releases

- added "show" link to form where you can quickly define minimal quantity values (it opens product page)



- developed new feature to quickly define the minimal quantities directly on list of products (on module configuration page)



- added improvements related to module usage in prestashop 1.7.x



- added improvements to module workflow when option to accept "multiplied" quantities is disabled



- updated design of module configuration page, added additional informations to explain the configuration process

- added updates checker system to check if new versions of the module are available



- added improvements to minimal quantity identification when prestashop 1.7 changes product page contents



- added improvements to identification of "visitor" customer accounts (to properly assign minimal quantities to products)



- added improvements related to cart refresh in prestashop 1.6.x



- added improvement to "quantity control" feature - it works with minimal quantities for combinations too



- added feature to support quantity control also in quick product preview window



- added improvements to [+] and [-] buttons on cart page, it increases quantities properly now



- added feature to control quanttiy field value that is available on product page

- when you allow "multiplied quantity" only, module will control the value of this field properly



- added feature to bulk-define minimal quantities for products from selected categories



- added improvement to save process of product settins in prestashop 1.7.x, now quantities are saved properly even if product does not have a combinations (attributes)

- added feature that allows to add more quantity to cart than current product / combination stock (you can enable or disable this feature)



- added improvements to module workflow,

- it does not show minimal quantity restriction information if it was removed



- added improvements to module installation process in prestashop 1.7.x



- added fixes to warning message that appeared in php logs on product pages without attributes, if option to show attributes restriction information was enabled. Warning PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/diyelect/public_html/store/modules/minqc/minqc.php on line 1450 does not appear anymore.



- added fixes to module workflow in prestashop 1.7.x



- released major update of the module - now it fully supports prestashop 1.7.x



- added buttons to quickly assign minimal quantities to all combinations of product 



- added feature to enable / disable minimal quantity info on product page 

- added feature to enable / disable minimal quantity for attributes (combinations) on product page



- added fixes to displaying message with information about not enough quantity if customer is associated with several groups with minimal quantity values



- added new feature to define possibility to order a single quantity of product even with minimal quantity rules (great option if you want to allow to order "a sample of")

- added feature to display informations about defined minimal quantity rules below "add to cart" button on product page



- added missed translations



- added better customer identification process, especially if customer trying to log in for the first time



- added improvements related to customer login process and minimal quantity values

- added feature to define what to do if customer will add less quantity than required



- added fixes to notification appearance minqc::getRestrictionsAttributesByGroupValue() should not be called statically Unknown error on module configuration page (on product edit page in prestashop back office)



- added module configuration page

- added option to turn on / off  "auto quantity change" quantity of the product. 

- if you will enable "auto quantity change" feature, module will add desired quantity of product to cart automatically. For example you accept 5,10,15,20,25 quanties. Someone tried to add 3 products to cart. Module will increase this 3 value to 5. 

- if you will disable "auto quantity change" feature, module will display popup only with information about accepted quantities.



- module supports quantity change on cart page properly now



- module is now trusted by official addons marketplace

- you can use this module in PrestaShop Cloud



- dodana została funkcjonalność, która pozwala dodawać do koszyka tylko taką ilość produktu, która jest wielokrotnością określonej wartości. np. 3,6,9,12 lub 5,10,15,20 lub 10,20,30,40 itp

- ładniejsza strona zarządzania ustawieniami, pasuje do PrestaShop 1.6.x



- updated missed translations,

- added support of PrestaShop



- added fixes to appearance of notification (if customer will put not enough quantity of product to cart)



- started to log changes in the module with this changelog

- added support of PrestaShop 1.5

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Check online demo

This is demo page of the product that has restrictions. Shop guests (visitors) must order at least 20 quantity of product. Please note that configuration page is open and anyone can change the way of how module is configured.

Back office demo allows to alter settings of the module and minimal quantities of products (on product edit pages). To log in to back office use these details:

login: [email protected]
hasło: demodemo