Prestashop Cumulative discounts

This is prestashop module that gives you possibility to automatically assign customers to groups with defined discount based on customer's total purchases value. Addon has features to personalize the process and to inform customers about their discounts.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
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Module version 1.3.9
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Main feature of this module is a possibility to automatically grant discounts for your customers. In this module you can setup the cumulative discounts thresholds. Simply saying - when customer will spend X in your shop - you can give Y% discount for your entire products' catalog. When customer will reach defined purchases value, it will be automatically assigned to group of customers with defined discount.



The most important feature

This module calculates how much customers spent in your online shop. You can specify how module will calculate value of customers' purchases. Thanks to these settings you can decide what orders will be included to calculation process. below you can find informations about available features


Disable cumulative discount program for selected users

If you do not want to run cumulative discounts program for some users - you can point user groups. If customer will be associated with at least one group from selected groups - discount program will be disabled for this user.


Status of the order

Module will calculate total purchase values will use orders with defined status(es) only. For example you can use orders that are fully validated (customers paid for these orders). For example you can select states like "payment accepted", "delivered" etc. Thanks to this feature calculation of total purchases value will be always accurate (orders that were cancelled or not even paid will ne excluded from calculation)


Specific time frame

Module allows to grant privileges to discounts based on orders placed during specific time frame. With this addon you can calculate customer's total purchase for orders:

- placed during last day

- placed during last week

- placed during last month

- placed during last quarter

- placed during last year

- placed in the shop from the begining (no time-frame limit)


Define what kind of price will be used to calculate value of purchases

You can select what kind of price will be used to calculate pruchases value. In PrestaShop each order contains products, taxes, shipping etc. With this feature you can select type of price used for calculation. So, simply saying you can select:

  1. Total products value (tax. incl.)
  2. Total products value (tax. excl.)
  3. Total products + shipping value (tax. incl.)
  4. Total products + shipping value (tax. excl.)


Email notifications

If you want - this module can send notifications to your customers with information about discount. When customer will reach the defined amount to get the discount - module will send an email with notification


Exclude orders with coupons

Module has feature to exclude orders that were placed with discount code. If you will enable this option these orders will be excluded from total purchase calculation process


Exclude produdcts with discounts

  • If you want you can exclude from total sale calculation products that had price lowered by quantity discount
  • If you want you can exclude from total sale calculation products that had specific price (discount for 1 qty)


Unassign customer from rest of cumulative discount groups
Some shops requires to unassign customer from rest groups of customers associated with cumulative discounts. It's because of visibility of products categories, products for selected groups only. From v1.3.6 you can activate option to unassign customers from rest of groups (when customer receive reachs higher level in cumulative discount program)


Module management

Main settings of the module are available on the module configuration page (modules > modules) section. To define cumulative discounts you need to open new section (added by this module) under "price rules" > cumlative discounts.

Usage examples of module: Prestashop Cumulative discounts

  • cumulative discounts for customers
  • the more customer spend in shop the biggest discount customer has
  • group discounts
  • customer discounts
  • discount value depending on vale of previously placed orders
  • discount program with thresholds

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Cumulative discounts Changelog - informations about updates


- added feature to display information about cumulative discount program on product page and on cart page

- added feature to display custom contents inside information box with discount program (different contents for logged and unlogged users)

- this version of the module requires its reinstallation



- added improvements to module usage in prestashop 1.7 



- added new exclusions: from now you can exclude (from calculation of total sale value) 

- products that had discount when customer purchased them (discount for 1 qty)

- products that had quantity discount when customer purchased them (discount for purchase of many qty of product)



- added new time range (last quarter - 3 months)

- added new feature to unassign customer from rest groups associated with cumulative discounts when customer receives higher cumulative discount (option can be activated / deactivated)



- added improvements to updates checker included to the module



- fixed problem with untranslatable texts



- added feature to exclude some customers (by groups) from cumulative discount program



- added improvements to back office controller to avoid issues in PrestaShop 1.7.3.x



- added feature to display cumulative discount program in customer account



- added feature to define time frame - module will calculate customer's total purchases during specific time frame:

- last day orders

- last week orders

- last month orders

- last year orders

- all orders (to time limit)



- released full Polish translation of the module 



- added improvements to customer assign to group process



- released version dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7.x



- started project on addons marketplace


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