Prestashop Unpaid order reminder

This PrestaShop Module allows to automatically send reminders to your shop customers about unpaid orders. You can personalize emails and send many reminders after defined time (for example after 24 hours from order). With module you can create unlimited number of order reminders.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.5.7
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Open source - you can edit module code Unpaid order reminder
  • Module Unpaid order reminder works with PrestaShop 1.7
  • Module Unpaid order reminder works with PrestaShop 1.6
  • Module Unpaid order reminder works with PrestaShop 1.5

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This PrestaShop Module allows to send reminders to your shop customers about unpaid orders. You can personalize emails and send many reminders after defined time (for example after 24 hours from order). With module you can create unlimited number of order reminders.


unpaid order reminders


Main feature of this order reminders module

Main and most important feature in this module is possibility to send dedicated reminders to your customers about unpaid orders. Each reminder can be personalized with unique title and email contents (email templates). So you can create reminder that will look like you want and inform about fact, that you're still waiting for payment, or about fact that you change order status because of no payment (to cancelled for eample).


What module does after installation?

After addon installation - it creates a special section called "order reminders" (under Orders menu item). There you can manage reminders. You can create new remidners, edit existing reminders and of course remove reminders. Module has also configuration page where you can get the url for your cron job table (to send reminders automatically with defined time period).


Features related to reminders

Each reminder can be personalized with detailed settings. Below you can find list of them.

  1. Each reminder can have own unique email title (multilanguage support)
  2. You can define time delay in hours (so module will send reminder after X hours from order datetime)
  3. You can select order statuses (so module will send reminders only for orders with one state from selected order states)
  4. You can change order status to new one right after module will send defined reminder
  5. You can set new order status (if option to change order state will be enabled)


Possible usage scenario

Of course you can define own reminders and own workflow of the reminders, own contents etc. This is only exmaple of how useful this module is.

  1. Send first reminder "We're waiting for your bankwire payment" after 48 hours from order date, only for orders with state "awaiting for bankwire payment".
  2. Send second reminder "We will cancel your order within next 24 hours" after 72 hours from order date
  3. Send third reminder "We cancelled your order" after 96 horus and change order state to "cancelled" automatically

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Unpaid order reminder Changelog - informations about updates


- added new email variable to email templates {unsubscription} - it will be replaced with link to unsubscribe reminders

- added new feature to activate GDPR support

- when option to support GDPR will be active module will ask customer for permission to send reminders

- you will be able to manage unsubscriptions

- customer will have possibility to manage option to unsubscribe / subscribe reminders from its account settings



- added improvements to module's back office email templates manager



- reminders can be delivered in minutes and seconds now. You can set decimal value for hours from now



- added feature to decide if module will send email or not (so you can only change order status without sending email to customer)

- this verison of the module requires reinstallation



- updated the javascripts include process on reminder creation / edit page



- added improvements to order reminders configuration form



- added improvements to the list of reminders in shop's back office



- added new email variable {order_date_upd}

- added improvements related to email variables with date, now they return date in format used by front office of the shop

- added new feature to define what order date module will use to deliver the reminder (date_add or date_upd)

- this version of the module requires reinstallation of the plugin (do not worry, module will remeber all defined settings)



- added improvements to templates manger, it does not spawn internal server error anymore



- improved the order date variable in email template

- now the date uses a fromat defined in shop settings (according to country settings)



- added feature to send test email to admin owner (to check the template design and the way of how email template works)



- added feature to manage email templates available in the module directly from its configuration page



- added improvements to mail identification process

- it does not allow to send emails to addresses that are not comply with RFC standards to avoid problems with email delivery process (its a bug in prestashop, module solves it)



- updated polish translations for emails that module sends to customers



- new feature to set date of the oldest order - module will not retrieve older orders from shop database (it will send remidners for orders placed after defined date)



- added new menu item "reminders history"

- you can see and manage the reminders that module sent

- great way to control the reminders



- added fixes to module database

- added fixes to database queries and database prefix used in query

- added full support of PrestaShop 1.7.x



- added translations for Polish language

- changed module code to support psr-2 coding standards



- module supports prestashop 1.6.x now



- added fixes to order reminder, it sends email with proper title now



- started project on mypresta addons marketplace