Prestashop Access to products by country

With this plugin dedicated for PrestaShop you can specify availaibility of product in specific countries. Plugin gives possibility to configure the access rules for each product individuall. In rules you just point countries where the purchase of product will be blocked. The origin of the customer will be determined based on geolocation and optionally on their address data used in the shopping cart when completing the order form (country of delivery address).

Shop version 8.x, 1.7.x PrestaShop 8.0 support Yes :-)
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The most important feature of the module is to block visitors from selected countries from purchasing the indicated products. In the plug-in, the origin of the customer is determined in two ways. Firstly, the module uses geolocalisation services which locate the customer's IP address. Optionally, it is possible to enable feature that identify the origin of visitor based on country of the delivery address - e.g. to avoid a situation where someone orders from a country which has access to the product, but the delivery address is to a country where the product cannot be purchased. Only such additional verification will ensure that products will be not purchased by persons from and to countries that are blocked for a given product.

access to products for visitors from specific countries

Module's features

By default, access to products in the module is not limited in any way. To limit the possibility of purchasing a product for a selected country, simply select the country to which delivery and ordering will not be available on configuration page of this product in the module tab. The form is intuitive - you simply select countries with limited access on the list of countries. And that's it, module will do the rest on its own.

Configuration of origin identification methods

On the main configuration page of the module, you can enable an additional form of origin identification method, i.e. the option of identification based on the delivery address. After enabling this option, the module will - in addition to checking the customer's origin based on the IP address - also verify whether the address data set in the basket does not indicate a country that has been blocked for the product.

Simulation mode
In the module you can simulate a visit from a selected country. You can then check whether Prestashop geolocation services identify the visitor's origin correctly and whether, for example, the module takes into account the country of delivery and blocks the possibility of purchasing a given product.

Backward compability

If your customers that are from countries without access to selected products created their carts in  the past (before module installation and configuration) the module will carefully verify each of these products - and if it turns out that the product for the customer's delivery country is blocked, the product will be automatically removed from this cart.

Massively generate settings for many products in bulk

By default we configure the module individually for each product. However, to speed up the configuration in a situation where we need to implement the configuration for many products - we can use a tool that will mass generate settings for selected products (e.g. based on the associations of these products with categories and/or based on who is the manufacturer of this product).

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