Prestashop Product Extra Tabs Pro

This prestashop module allows you to create as many additional tabs on product page as you want. With this addon you can easily create them right from product edit page. Just open the "Extra tabs pro" tab and create any tab with any content you want. this prestashop addon is very uselful module with easy in use user interface.

Shop version 8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x PrestaShop 8.0 Beta support Yes :-)
Available translations
Module version 2.2.7
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
Public help and discussion Open forum discussion
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  • Support to the module Product Extra Tabs Pro
  • Free updates of the module Product Extra Tabs Pro
  • Open source - you can edit module code Product Extra Tabs Pro
  • Module Product Extra Tabs Pro works with PrestaShop 1.7
  • Module Product Extra Tabs Pro works with PrestaShop 1.6
  • Module Product Extra Tabs Pro works with PrestaShop 1.5
  • Module Product Extra Tabs Pro works with PrestaShop 8.0

More info: Prestashop Product Extra Tabs Pro

We are pleased to introduce awesome PrestaShop module which allows to create unlimited number of the product extra tabs for each product in your store. Of course you can create tabs only for certain products. You can use extended tinymce editor and simple html code - everything depends on you. 


product extra tabs prestashop addon


multiple categories block manage blocks visibility position of the blocks drag n drop

Easy in use configuraiton
Tabs management is very easy and friendly in use, just open product edit page and you will be able to do everything there

Tabs visibility
Manage visibility of the tabs you created, you can enable or disable tab anytime you want

Drag'n'drop feature
You can manage position of tab, you can manage position with user friendly drag-n-drop feature

  multiple categories configuration page advanced   Free technical support for module blockcategories multiple   prestashop module block categories multilanguage support

Global tabs
Module allows to create tab that will be visible on product pages associated with selected categories, for selected products only or even forproducts associated with selected manufacturers

 Technical support
Need help? You've got suggestions? No worries, feel free to write, we offer module technical support for free and we love to develop new features

 Many languages? shops? No problem!
You store use many languages? This is not a problem! Module supports multilanguage and also multistore.




Product Extra Tabs pro module features

Main feature of this addon is possibility to create as many additional product tabs as you want. You can create different tabs for each product in your store.


High user friendly interface - you can easily add, edit, turn on / off and customize each tab. We created very easy in use and easy in configure tab customization page. Just open page where you editing your products, open "extra tabs pro" tab and create tabs in AJAX environment.


Extended tinymce editor - In PrestaShop version 1.6 you can use extended version of the tinymce editor, it mean that editor will accept thing like youtube videos, javascript widgets, jquery widgets etc. You can see them live right in user friendly editor (wysiwyg editor). Module allows to decide what editor plugin will use. So you can select "internal module's editor" or "native ps editor". If your shop uses tinymcepro or some other - module can use it too.


possibility to display CMS page contents - if you want, you can display the cms page contents inside the tab. Just activate option to "display cms page contents" and select the cms page - module will do the rest


Possibility to turn on / off tabs - you can turn on / off tabs whenever you want. It mean that you can create "scratch" tabs and turn them when everything will be ready to publish.


Change position of the tabs - you can easily change position of the tabs, just use awesome drag'n'drop feature to change tabs order. Everything will be saved automatically without page refresh!


create global tabs - this feature gives you an ability to create tab that will appear on all product pages associated with category or categories that you will select, you can also define block for products associated with selected manufacturers, or display it on selected product pages


Global tabs and personalized product tabs

As you know - this addon allows to create tabs that will appear on selected product based on associations with manufacturers, products, categories etc. Sometimes you need to change contents of tab in selected products context. This addon allows to create unique contents for this global tab, and these modfied tab contents will appear only inside select product tab!


variables features - module allows to use variables in tab body. You can for example use {name} variable and module will replace it with real product name. You can also display some random tekst from defined alternative versions, just create variable like {example|another|alternative text} and module will display one from these strings.


Appearance settings - with this module you can display extra tab on selected product pages. These restrictions can be defined in three ways: 

Display extra tab on selected product pages (you can add extra tab to selected product pages)

Display extra tab on product pages associated with selected categories

Display extra tab on product pages associated with selected manufacturers

Display extra tab on product pages associated with selected suppliers

Display extra tab on product pages associated with selected features

Display extra tab for guests from selected countries


Additional visibility rules 

- you can display tab for selected groups of customers only

- you can display tab during specific date & time period (possibility to define date to, date from, time to, time from)


Duplicate product  - if you will duplicate some product that is associated with some tabs - new product will be associated with these tabs too. It is the only one module at the moment with this valuable feature.


Multistore support - module from v1.9.9 is ready to support shops based on multistore environemnt. This means that each shop can have own unique sttings of tabs


Name of the variableWhat module will display
{name} Product name
{description} Long description of the product
{short description} Short description of the product
{features} Table with features of the product
{supplier_name} Product's supplier name
{supplier_description} Short description of product's supplier
{manufacturer_name} Product's manufacturer name
{manufacturer_description} Product's manufacturer description
{manufacturer_description_short} Product's manufacturer short description
{main_category} Name of main product's category
{ean} EAN code of product
{upc} UPC code of product
{quantity} Stock available
{id} ID number of product
{reference} Reference number of product
{HOOK:(1):(2)} Feature to run selected hooks where (1) is a hook name and (2) is a module name to run



Theme without tabs? it is not a problem! 

If your theme does not have tabs feature - it is not a problem. Module has got own internal tabs feature. During module configuration you can select type of tabs that module will create and display. Based on this feature you select:

  1. Real product tabs like it Was in PrestaShop 1.5
  2. Wide horizontal bars like it is in default-bootstrap in PrestaShop 1.6
  3. Internal module tabs - great for PrestaShop 1.5, PrestaShop 1.6 and for PrestaShop 1.7 (especially classic theme)


Last option will create tabs even if your theme does not have tabs feature. These tabs will appear in position called "displayFooterProduct".



Users of PrestaShop 1.6

In this prestashop version you can select how you want to display tabs. You can display them in default for prestashop 1.6 way (wide horizontal bars)  see picture . You can also display tabs like it was in prestashop 1.5 - as nice looking tabs (this tabs type contains responsiveness too!)  see picture


 extra tabs pro module installation process


Check how to create tabs with this module


Usage examples of module: Prestashop Product Extra Tabs Pro

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Product Extra Tabs Pro Changelog - informations about updates


- released version that is ready to work with prestashop 8.x

- added support of experimental product page in prestashop 8.x



- added improvements to updates checker feature



- added improvements to installation process of database



- added improvements to configuration page of tabs in prestashop 1.6 to avoid validate problems



- eliminated php notifications from configuration page of the module (on product edit page)



- added improvements to language selection tool, from now it does not use flags images since not all mechants fill out image field on language settings page



- added improvements to module configuration page appearance in prestashop 1.7

- added improvements to avoid notifications about countable function (that does not operate on array)



- added improvements to module usage with warehouse theme

- from now iqit elementor module does the job, both modules work together properly



- refreshed main configuration page of the module, both in prestashop 1.6 and 1.7



- added improvements to appearance of cms page contents both in prestashop 1.6 and 1.7



- fixed css styles conflict in prestashop 1.7



- added new file comments to module files



- updated links to maxmind geolocation database. both in prestashop 1.6 and 1.7



- included new updates checker also for prestashop 1.6.x



- added improvements to javascripts that module uses in shop's back office



- added support of prestashop 1.7.6.x

- added new version of module's updates checker feature



- improved module workflow in new prestashop 1.7.5.x



- modified the way of how feature to "display all tabs" works, it loads list of tabs asynchronously, with button click "load all tabs list"



- added performance improvements

- module consume less resources (memory) and contents are generated much faster than previously



- added improvement to CMS pages usage in old releases of prestashop 1.6.0.x



- added feature to decide how module will treat visibility conditions

- each tab can have different settings, you can set it to display tab only if viewed product page will meet all defined conditions, or at least one defined condition

- this version of the module requires reinstallation



- added improvement to tabs in prestashop 1.7

- while attribute is selected (on product page) module generates ajax queries properly



- added improvements to module core to fix warning: foreach() in /modules/extratabspro/extratabspro.php on line 1477



- added back feature available in previous versions

- now you can decide if you want to display tab on product page where you previously created it



- added new languages switcher, now flags do not disappear



- changed the way of how product edit page behaves for extra trabs pro module - it remembers that you configure extra tabs pro module after page refresh



- added improvements to recently added feature time checker / date checker

- now the texts are escaped properly so product edit page works properly (spining save buttons are available again)



- added improvements to recently released features, now feature to display tab for groups work with date / time rules together well



- added new feature to display tab for selected groups of customers

- added new feature to display tab for specific period (you can define date from, date to, time from, time to)

- updated translations: Polish, French

- due to the large number of new features it is necessary to reinstall the module



- added support of multistore shops

- new version of module requires reinstallation of the module (module will remember all tabs you created)



- due to the conflict between versions 1.6.x and 1.5.x i released separated version dedicated for old prestashop releases



- new feature to display extra tab on product pages associated with selected features



- eliminated problem with rich text editor



- improved translations of the module



- added new feature to run selected hooks inside extra tab

- you can specify hook name and module that you want to run, for example: {HOOK:displayFooterProduct:productcomments}

- added fixes to product edit page to avoid internal server error 500 when we create new product



- added fixes for module workflow in environments that use PHP 7.x



- added fixes to displaying CMS page contents when tab shows CMS pages instead of normal contents



- added improvements to tabs duplication while product is duplicated



- added new shortcodes to use in the module

- improved design of the configuration page

{main_category} - name of the default category of product

{id} - id of the product

{reference} - reference code of product

{quantity} - product quantity

{ean} - ean code of the product

{upc} - upc code of the product

{supplier_name} - name of the default product's supplier

{supplier_description} - description of the default product's supplier

{manufacturer_name} - name of the product's manufacturer

{manufacturer_description} - description of the manufacturer

{manufacturer_description_short} - short description of the manufacturer



- added feature to display block on product pages associated with selected suppliers

- added improvements to configuration page of tabs, now it has better UX



- new option to define what editor module will use

- you can select now "extended rich text editor" that is available in module, or default native ps tinymce editor

- if your shop uses pro version of tinymce (like tinymcepro) you can select it too

- added new "internal name" field to extra tab, so you can give unique name that will be visible only in your shop back office



- added improvements to rich text editor

- it was necessary to change the way of how it is loaded due to the changes in prestashop



- added option that allows to display tab everywhere (on each product page)

- a little improved edit page of tab, now there are two sections

- first: tab settings

- second: tab visibility rules



- added improvements to save process of cms page (if you select option to display contents from selected cms page)



- added geolocation tool,

- now module can display tabs for guests from selected countries only

- released new library for module to fully support PrestaShop 1.7 in a proper way



- added support of new tabs feature available in PrestaShop 1.7 (displayProductExtraContent hook)

- added appearance tweaks to product edit page (there where you manage tabs)

- added proper urls to images, now these images appear properly



- removed php notifications related to unidentified variables related to foreach loops



- added missed translations to polish language

- added fixes to appearance of notification on product edit page > add new tab section



- added fixes related to recent module update (fixes to internal tabs feature)

- improved module updates form (now version 7)



- rewrited code of the module to support psr-2 standards

- new feature to display internal tabs (if your theme does not have tabs - you can use this option and module will display own tabs)

- module fully supports PrestaShop 1.7 now



- new feature available! If you will duplicate product with tabs, new product will be associated with these tabs too



- added improvements related to tab association process with drag and drop feature

- after successfull association with drag and drop you can now properly: enable / disable tab, remove tab, edit tab, remove tab from product

- added special button that allows to remove tab from product only (not as it was before to remove it from database at all)



- added feature to global tab that will have different contents for selected products

- for example you create "videos" tab. Now you want to associate it with several products

- each product can have this "videos" tab and display unique contents

- feature is called "save contents in this product context only"

- this version requires reinstallation of the module (uninstall, then install it again)



- added new system of module updates

- now you can check if update is available directly from module configuration page

- you can enable / disable automatic updates notifications



- added fixes to appearance of tab with selected option to display it only on product pages associated with selected manufacturers



- feature to display contents of CMS page inside the tab created with this module



- added fixes to installation process of new features



- added feature to define global tab for selected product pages

- added feature to "drag and drop" selected tab to product (feature to associated tab with selected products)

- better tab association with products, categories and manufacturers



- added missed translatins



- added feature to support prestashop cloud - so now you can upload and use module in ps cloud


- each tab link have own unique ID 
- module shows unique ID on list of tabs 
- module supports displayHeader hook 
- module includes extratabs.js file 
- module includes extratabs.css file 
- feature to create scroll to tab and to turn it on


- fixes to appearance of back office module configuration page 
- extended tinyMCE fixes


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