Prestashop Voucher for product comment

This module is a great marketing tool that sends reminders about pending comments for products that customer bought. Module has also feature to send dedicated and unique voucher code for product comment. With advanced voucher personalization tool you can define each aspect of voucher code.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.6.3
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

More info: Prestashop Voucher for product comment

As you already know - this module sends dedicated and unique voucher codes to customers that added a product review to your store. Each voucher code is unique and generated automatically for each user that posted a review. Module sends also reminders about pending comments (if user still not reviewed your product that he/she bought). Detailed informations you can find below and on screenshots attached to this page (right hand side).


send coupons for comments


Send dedicated voucher code

Main module feature is a possibility to send dedicated coupons for product review. This addon works with default product comments module and with revws module from DataKick. and once customer will add a comment about a product he/she bought - module will  automatically  prepare special, unique and dedicated voucher code. Customer will receive an email with information about that: see screenshot

Most important facts about this feature:

  • On module configuration page you can enable or disable this feature
  • You can select when module will generate voucher code (for each product comment or for customers that purchased product and commented it)
  • You can decide for what comments module will send vouchers
  • You can send vouchers for all comments added previously (and new ones)
  • You can send vouchers for comments added after defined date
  • You can personalize voucher code with advanced voucher personalization tool


Check what vouchers module generated and who got them

Module has a feature where you can see what codes module generated and who get them (and for what comment). You can get the list of all vouchers under price rules > vouchers for comments section (see screenshot). With this tool you can also easily add, generate and send vouchers manually to selected customers and for selected products.


Send reminders about pending comments

Module has also feature that allows to send reminders about pending comments for all products that customer bought. Module will send these reminders only for customers that not reviewed product before. You can set this feature to send reminder about comment after X days from purchase, where X is the value you want like 2,3,4,7,14 etc. You can see example of an reminder here: see screenshot


Email delivery only for specific products 

Module has feature to enable "filters".

"filters" when active will send reminder for orders placed for products defined in filters only

"filters" when active will send voucher comment for comments that were added to products defined in filters only


Settings related to reminders

  • You can enable or disable feature to send reminders
  • You can enable or disable feature to repeat reminders
  • You can select order states - module will send reminders only for orders with selected order states
  • You can define when module will send the reminder about pending comments (for example after 7 days from purchase)
  • You can send reminders for all previous purchases (and for new ones)
  • You can send reminders for orderds placed after defined date


Check what reminders module sent

  1. Module creates special section under "orders" tab
  2. The section name is "reminders (comments)"
  3. You can browse there list of all reminders that module sent
  4. This section has also feature to send reminders manually (search for customers, their orders and hit send reminder button)

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Voucher for product comment Changelog - informations about updates


- added feature to avoid email delivery issues for email addresses that are not comply with prestashop's standards (RFC 2822)



- added improvements to module email delivery, we changed email template name to avoid conflicts with other plugins with 'reminder.html' email templates

- added improvements to voucher delivery process (when you want to generate and send voucher manually in shop's back office)



- added improvements to module usage in multistore environments 

- added feature to decide about characters used to generate voucher codes

- you can generate now codes with usage of alphanumeric, numeric, alpha characters set



- added new feature: Filters

- with active filters module will send reminder only if order will contain selected product(s)

- with active filters module will generate voucher code only if customer will place a comment for selected product(s)

- currently you can enable filter by manufacturer



- added full spanish translations 



- added improvements to module to support data kick revws product reviews module



- added feature to send voucher codes for customers that purchased product and left a comment about it only
- option when active will not send a code for each comment but only for comment added by customers that purchased commented product



- added feature that allows to repeat reminder (you can enable or disable it)

- added feature to send reminders only for products that are in orders with selected statuses 



module fully supports new PrestaShop 1.7.x

- added Polish translation improvements



- added improvements related to links to products that are attached to email

- module sends links in proper language now

- there is two step verification of language, one based on order language, second based on customer's language

- added new version of updates checker



- added improvements to voucher generation process for vouchers send with cron job

- added feature to check module updates directly from module back office (configuration page)



- updated sql requests to fix sql query problem while multistore is active



- added new feature to manage history of sent reminders

- added possibility to send reminder manually

- module creates new menu item under "orders" tab

- updated translations of new feature

- new feature to define voucher settings, you can decide now if coupon will be available in other shops (multistore) or only in shop where it was generated

- due to the fact that module has new feature - new version requires reinstallation

- with reinstallation of the module you will not lose any datas (no worries)



- added full Polish translation of the module 



- added feature where we can what vouchers module send and who get them (and for what comment)

- feature is available under price rules > vouchers for comments section

- this version of module requires reinstallation of the plugin

- you can send voucher codes manually (select customer and product comment)



- added full polish translation of the plugin 



- added new voucher configuration tool

- added new feature to define suppliers' restrictions



- added improvements to appearance of module configuration page

- now module has two sections, one to configure module settings, second to configure voucher codes



- started project on mypresta,eu prestashop addons marketplace