Prestashop Access to Products

With this addon you can block possibility to order and view selected product for selected groups of customers. If you will define restrictions - only selected groups will have possibility to order product. When someone not allowed to order product will add it to cart, it will see message about fact, that it is not allowed to order this product. In module you can also enable option to block possibility to view product page and you can hide product on lists of products

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.6.8
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

More info: Prestashop Access to Products

This modul is great tool to define some kind of restrictions related to ordering products from your store. With this addon you can easily block possibility to order some of products for certain groups of customers. For example - It's a great way to grant access to products only for wholesalers, and block for retail customers. This module allows to do that! Each product can have own unique group access restrictions.


Key features in the module

  1. Feature to block possibility to view product page for selected groups of customers
  2. Feature to hide product on list of products (like category pages, search results etc.) this feature can be defined for selected groups only
  3. Possibility to define bulk restrictions (by category)


access to products - group restrictions


Module is easy in configure. It adds new section on product edit page where you can define group access restrictions. Everything is easy to configure, you just have to select groups not allowed to buy product you edit. All of other things module will do automatically, you don't have to do anything more - you will save a lot of time.


Additional features

  1. possibility to block access to product page
    You can block possibility to view product pages. Selected customers (associated with selected groups) will not have possiiblity to see product pages. Great option especially if we want to hide products for them too.
  2. Possibility to define what module will do for customers associated with several groups
    Sometimes our customer is associated with several groups of customers. These groups can have access to product, some other can't access to product. In this case you can decide what module will do if customer will be associated with groups that have access and without an access.
  3. Possibility to define MASS restriction based on categories
    This feature allows to quickly defined access restrictions to products from selected categories. Feature allows to select categories and groups of customers. Customers from defined groups will not have possibility to order / view products associated with selected categories. It's a great way to define restrictions in bulk, and to save a lot of time (you will not have to define restrictions one by one for each available product). You have possibility to filter products from categories by manufacturer, so in effect you can define access privileges by group for products from defined manufacturers.
  4. Feature to hide product on list of products
    Module has feature that hides produc with restrictions on list of products. This means that product will be not visible in any part of prestashop feature like category pages, featured products, recently viewed products block, supplier page, manufacturer page, search results etc.


example of how it works

Usage examples of module: Prestashop Access to Products

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Access to Products Changelog - informations about updates


- disabled the debug mode acidentally included to module in recent update in prestashop 1.7.x



- added additional filter feature to tool that quickly defines privileges

- now you can find products by categories and then filter them by manufacturer, so in effect you can define access by manufacturer



- added feature that enables a module for product that are out of stock automatically

- added feature that disables a module for products that are in stock

- both new features described above can be activated for selected groups of customers only

- added improvements to save proces of module configuration

- this version of the module requires reinstallation



- added improvements to module configuration page in prestashop 1.6.x



- added improvements to module configuration page in prestashop 1.7.x



- improved module uninstallation procedure in PrestShop 1.7.x



- added improvements to category restrictions

- now they works even if product do not have own access restrictions

- added feature to bulk-generate access settings for all products from selected categories.



- improved Pack override 

- added missed translations



- added improvements to identification process of customer log in process



- added feature to enable or disable option to hide products in packs



- improved module installation process in prestashop 1.7.x

- added feature to spawn popup properly (included fancybox)



- added improvements to feature that hides product on list of products



- released version dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7.x - so now module can work with new versions of presta!

- added improvements to feature that hides products on listing of products



- added option to hide proudct also on list of products like: category pages, manufacturer pages, supplier pages, homepage featured products etc.



- improved module workflow for prestashop 1.5

- fixed visibility of categories tree on module configuration page



- added possibility to turn on "category restriction"
- added possibility to select categories
- added possibility to select groups for which category restriction will be active
- for selected customers products associated with selected categories will be not available:
a) to order (depending on your configuration)
b) to see product page (depending on your configuration)

- better customer identification while someone log in to the shop
- better redirection if customer will not have an access to see product page
- better module configuration page (improved appearance of customer group selection if shop has many categories)


- module is ready to work with PrestaShop 1.7.x !


- added improvements to module "update checker" form on module configuration page


- rewrited module code to support psr2 standards


- improved module configuration page, now it is fully responsive


- added better customer identification system

- updated missed translations for module (especially Polish language)


- added fixes to option that decides what module will do if customer will be associated with group that has an access and that has no access to product


- fixes to module installation on PrestaShop


- sometimes customers are associated with many groups of customers. Some of these groups can have an access to products, some of them haven't got an access. In cases like this - from now - you can decide what module will do. So, you can allow to order / view products or block possibility to order / view products

- added updates checker tool

- added missed Polish translation

- updated module workflow. Now it identifies customers in a better way than before



- added option to block access to product pages for groups of customers

- this means that products with restictions will not be visible for defined groups of customers



- started to log changes in module via this changelog

- added feature to return true / false in function that gets information about restriction (true = restriction is set, false = it isn't)