Prestashop Shipping delivery countdown timer

With this module dedicated for PrestaShop you can display a orders shipping countdown timer that informs customers when their orders will be delivered. Creating a sense of urgency in e-commerce can be a powerful method that pushes customers into making faster decision on a purchase they are considering.

Shop version 8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x PrestaShop 8.0 support Yes :-)
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Module version 1.3.3
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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As you already know this PrestaShop addon gives you possibility to display order's shipping delivery timer. This is a feature that creates a sense of urgency, it is powerful method that pushes your shop's visitors into making faster decision on a purchase they are considering. The countdown timer example you can find below:

shipping delivery countdown timer

It's not only great marketing tool, but it is also just a great feature to inform customers about expected delivery time. Just a nice tool.

Configuration possibilities

This module - exactly as other plugins - usually requires its configuration before usage. Installation and configuration are intuitive and do not require any additional steps. Just install and configure it - and module will start to display countdown delivery timer.

Setup the hour
As a shop owner you need to setup the cut off time.If customer will browse your page BEFORE this hour - module will display countdown timer to this hour. So, let's say that you set it up to 3.00PM, and if visitor will explore the shop on 1:00PM - module will display information like "place an order withing 2h 00m 00s and your order will be shipped today". After this hour - module will not appear on your shop pages and  orders placed after this time will fall to the next business day. It will start to appear on next day from 0:00 and it will start to count the time to this hour again.

Select design and size of the countdown timer

Addon has two size variants and several desings (colors). Available design and sizes will be continuously added to the module during module upgrades in the future. Currently it offers to select:

Design (color) Size
green 200 x 100
green 400 x 48
black 200 x 100
black 400 x 48
white 200 x 100
white 400 x 48
blue 200 x 100
blue 400 x 48
pink 200 x 100
pink 400 x 48

Positions where you can display the countdown timer  
This module can be assigned to various positions. It can appear on product pages only and also globally (on all pages). You can decide about module position during its configuration. Available position you can find below:

PrestaShop  1.7.x PrestaShop 1.6.x
displayFooterProduct displayFooterProduct
displayReassurance displayProductDeliveryTime
displayProductAdditionalInfo displayProductLeftColumnProduct
displayNav1 displayProductRightColumnProduct
displayNav2 displayBanner
displayTop displayNav
- displayTopColumn
- displayProductButtons

Select the days when you ship orders  
Module allows to select the days. Plugin will display countdown delivery timer on a selected days only. Usually carriers do not pickup packages on weekends. It's not a problem - just disable the module on saturday and sunday. Christmas holidays or New Year's eve ? It's not a problem as well - you can disable appearance module on other days as well. Module has also feature that allows to exclude appearance of the module on some specific date (for example holidays, new year's eve etc.)

Visibility conditions

Module has two possible visibility options. You can display it on all product pages, or on selected products only. If you will activate option to display it on selected product pages you will have possibility to select an exact products where module will appear and/or display module on product pages by categories (if product will be associated with selected category - module will show it). Module from version 1.2.6 gives possibility to display it on product pages associated with selected manufacturer(s). Below you can find an example of configuration:

delivery countdown module visibility conditions

Message that will appear after breakpoint date
If customer will visit product page after defined breakpoint delivery time, module will start to countdown to next delivery day and display custom message that  you can set for each day individually. For example on Monday after delivery time you can show message that you will send purchased products on Tuesday.

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Shipping delivery countdown timer Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to module workflow in prestashop 8.x

- added new feature to display module in various positions on product page (previously it was possible to point only one positon - now you can select many positions)



- added feature that disables countdown timer after defined breakpoint time if message field for specific day will be empty



- added feature to define exclusions

- thanks to this feature you can point products where module will not appear

- you can point products by: category, exact product, products by manufacturer



- added feature to display message that will appear AFTER delivery time in prestashop 1.7.x



- added feature to display message that will appear AFTER delivery time in prestashop 1.6.x



- added improvements to module usage in prestashop 1.7.x



- added improvements to appearance filters



- added feature to display module on product pages associated with selected manufacturer(s)



- added improvements to feature to exclude module from appearance on specific date

- from now you can avoid information about problems with foreach loop



- added new tool to disable module appearance on specific dates (for example on holidays, new years eve etc.)



- added feature that allows to display the delivery countdown timer for products that are in-stock only (you can enable or disable it)



- added feature to decide about module's visibility

- from now module allows you to decide if you want to display it on all product pages or on selected product pages

- the conditions allows to select exact products and/or products by categories



- released version of the module that is ready to work with PrestaShop 1.6 with all its specific hooks



- added improvements to hide countdown timer block before page generation



- added feature to decide about design of delivery countdown timer



- started project on addons marketplace

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