Prestashop Related Products Pro

This PrestaShop module allows to create related products lists on each product page. You can create as much lists as you want. Each product can have own unique lists. You can select products from selected categories, you can select new products, you can select best sellers, or even select specific products.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.8.1
Works in PrestaShop cloud ? Yes

More info: Prestashop Related Products Pro

This PrestaShop module allows to build many lists of products on each product page in your shop. Each product can have own unique lists of products. With this great prestashop addon you can create tabs and blocks with products like: Related products, similar products, featured products etc. In fact, block name and products that module will display depends on you. You can read more about module configuration below.

related products module for prestashop


Main features of Related Products Pro module

Main and most important feature of this module is a possibility to create unlimited number of products list on each product page in your shop. You can create lists with "similar products", "related products" etc. You can customize each list of products. These tabs / blocks can contain any product you want and of course you can define titles of these blocks. Everything depends on you.


Three block types 

This module allows to display products in thre places on product page. You can display products as a tabs ( check screen ). You can also disply these products as a block in Product Footer section ( check screen ). In PrestaShop (in themes like default-bootstrap) you can display tabs as a wide horizontal bars. Module configuration page contains option to switch tab type that you theme uses. It just means that it will fit to default and non-default themes. In addition you can display list of products based on your theme design (it will fit to your theme product listing) or based on template file associated with theme. Third method avialble in the module is "internal tabs" engine and i appears after blocks ( see screenshot )


What kind of products you can display?

Features in module allows to display several types of products. While you're defining the list you can select what kind of products module will display. You can select:

  1. You can define list with selected products
    Module allows to select products, you can select products from many different categories. You can decide if you want to display all of selected products or just products that are currently "in stock" only.
  2. Products from selected category
    You can create list with products from selected category
  3. New products
    You can display list with new products only
  4. Best sellers
    You can display list with products that are best sellers
  5. Products with dropped prices
    You can display list with products that have dropped prices
  6. Module can import settings of block from "related products free
    if you used free version before you can use this kind of products feed to import settings from old blocks
  7. Cross seling products
    You can create list of products that will contain cross seling products
  8. Search results of selected phrase
    Module allows to display list of products that will contain products that are results of selected phrase search. For exmaple "dresses" - module will display search results for "dresses" phrease.
  9. Random products from the same category
    this feature displays random products from main category of currently viewed product page


In addition, module contains features to:

  1. Select random products from categories (module will display always random products)
  2. You can define how many products module will show
  3. Each block can have unique heading, you can define it (like "related products", "similar products" etc.)
  4. You can enable or disable list that you created
  5. You can delete lists anytime you want
  6. You can change position of the list of the products



  1. Responsive related products module from version 1.6.0 has feature to create and display carousell.
  2. You can turn on / off Autoplay option (slides will start to slide automatically after page load)
  3. You can turn on / off infinite loop (carousell will not have "end" of the slides)
  4. Enable navigation: next / prev buttons (circled buttons to navigate through carousell)
  5. Enable navigation: pager (dots to navigate through carousell)
  6. Support of responsiveness
  7. Define number of products in carousell view for desktop device
  8. Define number of products in carousell view for tablet device
  9. Define number of products in carousell view for mobile device

Global appearance of blocks

  1. Module contains great feature to avoid situation where you will have to generate blocks with related products one by one for each product in your shop. For example, module allows to create blocks for each product that will be associated with selected categories. It means that block with related products will appear on each product page that is associated with categories you can define. The same situation if you will want to display block for products associated with selected manufacturers. In addition module allows to display defined list of products on selected product pages (you can define exact products on which module will display block with products). New feature that is available from version 1.5.8 of the module allows to display list of products on produt pages only if viewed product is associated with selected features. Module has feature to create block / tab that will be added to each available product in the shop (display "block tab" everywhere option)


Display products on cms pages

Related products pro module is integrated with our free addon to insert products to CMS pages. This means that you can display list of products created in Related products pro on any CMS page you want. Details about usage of the free addon you can find here: how to use shortcodes and display products on CMS pages.


Feature to place custom contents

Module contains great feature to display custom contents in each list you will create. This custom content can have banner, text, etc. (everything depends on you). You can use this feature to display some nice looking banner, or to place valuable information in product list you created. ( see screenshot ). 



Demo of the module

front office demo you can see here: related products prestashop module demo. Module displays two blocks "related products" with custom selected products, and "new products" with new products from the store.

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Module reviews: Prestashop Related Products Pro

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Related Products Pro Changelog - informations about updates


- added feature to define internal name of the block / tab for easiest distinction of the blocks / tab in shop back office (for your eyes only)

- added feature to build internal tabs feature inside products' footer section

- new version of the module requires reinstallation of the plugin



- added performance improvements related to generation process of product pages



- added feature that allows to disable / enable instance of related products on product page, where you created it (so you will be able to use global visibility rules only). Feature is available on product edit page - there where you define settings of related products instance

- added feature to check module updates automatically and manually

- new version of module requires reinstallation of the addon.

- added improvements to prestashop v1.7 related to module workflow inside "tabs" and added missed feature to display "in stock" products only



- added improvements to option to "display list of selected products"

- now it does not add whitespaces to list of products so list of products appears properly now



- added feature to "display selected products" option

- now you can decide if you want to display all of selected products or just products that are "in stock" currently

- added improvements to shortcodes feature that displays products on cms pages



- added missed spanish translation for whole module



- added new feature to display "Random products from the same category"

- feature displays products from the same category as viewed product's main category



- fixed to notification about unidentified index 'carousell_loop'

- added improvements to module core dedicated for prestashop 1.7.x



- added feature to display created list of products (block / tab) everywhere

- option if enabled will create global block / tab that will appear on each available product page

- improved module workflow for PrestaShop 1.7 releases



- improved list of products for PrestaShop 1.5 releases



- added feature to display list of products that is a result of search function

- for example you can display block / tab with search results of phrease "dress"

- module will display list of products that is a result of "dress" search



- released separated library for PrestaShop 1.7.x (due to the changes in PS 1.7 architecture this module requires separated library)



- added responsiveness support to carousell feature,

- you can define different number of products that will appear as a base of desktop, tablet, mobile appearance



- new feature to create carousell with products



- added appearance fixes for css stykes of block headings



- nowa funkcja, która pozwala wyświetlać listę produktów na stronach produktów wtedy, gdy dany produkt powiązany jest z jakąś cechą (features).

- łatwość definiowania tej funkcjonalności - moduł pozwala wyszukać cechę i dodać ją do restrykcji

- nowa wersja modułu wymaga reinstalacji dodatku (w przypadku aktualizacji)



- zaktualizowano tłumaczenia



- nowa funkcja wyświetlająca produkty, które klienci zakupili z tym produktem (tzw. sprzedaż łączona / cross seling)

- możliwość wyświetlenia zdefiniowanej listy produktów powiązanych na stronach wybranych produktów

- jeżeli w liście wyświetlają się "wybrane produkty" - można zaznaczyć opcję, która wyświetli blok na stronach wszystkich produktów, które wyświetlają się wewnątrz listy



- poprawki do mechanizmu wyświetlania wyłącznie wybranych produktów

- moduł w bloku wybranych produktów wyświetla tylko produkty aktywne



- dodana została funkcja, która umożliwia umieszczenia list produktów na stronach CMS

- aby na stronie CMS umieścić listę produktów utworzoną w module powiązanych produktów, należy skorzystać z darmowego modułu produkty na stronach cms



dodano funkcje, która importuje ustawienia bloku z darmowej wersji modułu related products free



dodana została funkcja, która pozwala ograniczyć ilość wyświetlanych bloków na stronach produktów. Czasami bywa tak, że utworzone bloki / zakładki z powiązanymi produktami posiadają tyle opcji konfiguracyjnych, że w efekcie na stronę produktu może zostać zaaplikowanych kilka / kilkanaście bloków (w zalezności od konfiguracji). Bywa, że nie wygląda to dobrze, stąd wprowadzona została funkcja, która pozwoli ograniczyć ilość bloków

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Demo contains 3 lists of products. First is tab block name "Random products", second named "test of selected products", and third named "Test of casual"

this is link to module back office demo page. to log in use details shared below:
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