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This module creates a special popup block with any content you want. This mean, that you can create popup box with many images, urls, texts, buttons etc. With this addon you've got an ability to change design of the popup. With customization tool you can easily change module settings. Read more below.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x
Available translations
Module version 3.2.7
Works in PrestaShop cloud ? Yes

More info: Prestashop Prestashop Popup Pro

As we say, Popup pro is a prestashop module which gives you an ability to create nice popup box with any content you want, this mean that you can create special popup box with many images, texts, buttons etc. The main advantage of the module is fact that you can create own design by special customization tool. You can turn module on specified page, like homepage and turn it off on other pages. 


Prestashop popup pro


popup pro unlimited popups advanced settings of popups order of popups

Unlimited number of popups

Module allows to create unlimited number of popups, it means that you can create any amout of popup windows you want. In addition easy in use tinymce editor allows to easily manage blocks.

Manage visibility of the popups

Our module allows to display popup window only or certain pages, you can select where exactly you want to display popup window! Check this image and see where you can display popup

Change visibility of popups

You can manage order of popups. It means that popups will appear in order you will define in back office. This featyre allows to easily hide some unwantend popup blocks.

  Extended tinymce editor   editor of the block popup   popupwindow with multilanguage support

Extended tinymce editor

Module uses extended tinymce editor! It means that you can save non-default scripts, html markups. You can do everything. In addition, with one mouse click you can disable / enable tinyMCE 

 Advanced design settings

Module allows to define layout of the popup window. You can specify background, borders, size of the popup, overlay opacity, background etc.!

 Multi language support

Your shop use many languages? no problem - module is ready for it. You can translate popup window to each language available in your store



Main features of Prestashop Poupup pro module

  • The main feature of this addon is an ability to create special popup box with any content you want.
  • You can also design popup parameteres, pages where the popup will appear etc.
  • extended WYSIWYG editor (tinyMCE), which mean that you can add own content easily
  • You can create buttons to other pages like specials, cms pages, product pages etc.
  • Popups can be spawned with special buttons or with page visit, or after some time after page visit


PopUp animations

This module contains feature to define how popup window will appear and how it will disappear. You can select Slide in / Fade in and Slide out / Fade out animation effects.


Configuration tool features

  • You can specify redisplay time, after this time your shop guests will see popup with your advertise again
  • You can define reminder, it will popup after some time with different defined by you contents
  • You can set module to work in "dev mode" which mean that you can test it and you don't have to wait to redisplay time
  • You can set popup box width
  • You can set popup box height
  • You can set popup background color
  • You can set popup overlay background (main page background)
  • You can set transparency of popup overlay background
  • You can set popup border size
  • You can set popup border color
  • All changes that you will apply to the configuration tool - you will see autmatically with live preview mode
  • Module supports multilanguage feature which mean that you can create separate popup boxes for each language in your shop
  • Module allows to create responsive windows (you can create different contents for popup: desktop, tablet, mobile)
    You can define appearance delay (popup will appear after X seconds)
  • You can enable or disable "autohide" feature. This feature hides popup automatically after X seconds
  • You can define nb of seconds for autohide feature (module will close popup automatically after this time)


Advanced specification of popup visibility

You can define where you want to dispaly popup, modules allows many various configuraiton of the popup appearing process. It means that you can:

- display popup only if customer browse your page with SSL certificate

- dispaly popup only on hompage

- display popup only on selected product pages

- dispaly popup only on produt page and only if viewed products is associated with certain caregories

- display popup only on selected category pages

- display popup only on  selected CMS pages

- dispaly popup only on selected manugacturers page

- display popup only on selected URL 

- display popup only when product is associated with selected manufacturer

- display popup only for certain group of customers (all of them, logged, unlogged)

- display popup only in defined time period (date from, date to)

- display popup on selected hours (time from, time to)

- possibility to display popup during order process in selected step (cart, address, shipping, payment, order confirmation)

- display popup "on exit" - right after customer will try to close browser / tab with your shop page

- possibility to enable or disable popup for mobile view

- possibility to enable or disable popup for tablet view

- possibility to enable or disable popup for desktop (PC) view

- hide popup for selected customer group
- redisplay popup when customer will log in again

- possibility to display popup for users that have no orders in your shop

- possibility to display popup only for customers associated with selected customer groups

- Possibility to enable or disable feature to close popup window after clicking anywhere

- Possibility to disable default close button (there is possibility to define own button) check how the configuration tool looks like

- Possibility to display popup for guests from selected countries

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Feature under construction

Frequently asked questions

Feature under construction

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Prestashop Popup Pro Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to module workflow in prestashop 1.7.x

- added new "update" function

- updated javascript library that is responsible for popups



- due to the errors related to module workflow in ps we created separated library for PS 1.7.x

- library dedicated for 1.7.x fully supports new prestashop

- added improvements to geolocation tool - now it identify country of vistor much better than before



- added improvements to on exit popup, 

- now it can appear once again based on "display once again" option value (module will display onexit again after defined time)



- added improvements to country identification in tool that allows to display popup for users from selected countries only



- added fixes related to visibility of rich text editor in recent prestashop version



- added fixes related to prestashop 1.4.x in context of recently added feature to display popup for users from selected countries only

- fixed notifications about appearance of unidentified index during save / edit popups



- added fixes to recently added feature (identify the country of customer). Now it properly displays popup. 



- added new feature to display popups for users from selected countries only

- added improvements to module configuration page (related to appearance / layout)

- added fixes to code / editor switchet, it works properly now

- new version of the plugin requires reinstallation of the module and browser cache clear (for shop back office only due to the new css styles)

- added better scripts support for rich text editor



- added support of PHP 7.0

- changed module code to meet psr-2 coding standards



- updated missed translations of the module (in this case german language)



- added fixes related to recently added feature to define popup that will appear on selected hours



- possibility to display popup on selected hours (you can define time range, module will display popup between selected hours)

- possibility to display popup on selected order step (cart, address, shipping, payment)



- added new feature that allows to autohide popup after defined number of seconds

- you can turn this option on / off

- you can define nb of seconds - after this time popup will disappear automatically

- this feature works with "test" mode the same as with other module features like spawn popup with button click etc.

- improved updates notifications system



- added fixes to on exit feature. Now popup doesnt appear when someone trying to scroll page

- added new updates checker system

- possibility to check availability of upgrades directly from module configuration page

- possibility to enable / disable feature to automatically notify about pending updates



- added feature to define animation of how popup appear and how it disappear

- you can define Slide in animation effect (popup window will slide in from top)

- you can define Fade in animation effect (popup window will fade in)

- you can define Slide out animation effect (popup window will slide out to top)

- you can define Fade out animation effect (popup will fade out)

- added improvements to support PrestaShop 1.7



feature to display popup only for users that have no orders in your shop



minor improvements to module configuration page related to appearance of restriction settings



added fixes related to appearance of notification on module configuration page in back office. Now it doesnt appear anymore. (notification about pending updates and "update consistency" section)



added appearance fixes of standard popup window



added fixes and improvements to "on exit" feature with option to "close" popup only with pressing "close button"



popup pro module with feature to display popup on "order confirmation" page



improvements related to "save" information about closed popup (close and popup with button option)



fixes for module installation process (database creation on mariaDB servers)



fixes for "on exit" feature in back office, now it saves changes properly



added feature to hide popup only when someone will close it with special button



added feature to display popup once someone will try to close browser tab or browser



rozpoczęcie logowania zmian w module za pomocą tego changeloga

dodane zostały poprawki związane z instalacją modułu w usłudze prestashop cloud

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