Prestashop Multiple Categories Blocks

This module allows you to create as many blocks with categories as you want. Now you can create categories block only with certain categories tree. Define settings lipe depth, dynamic option and many other useful things. The best module for creating categories navigation blocks.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.7.9
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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More info: Prestashop Multiple Categories Blocks

With this great prestashop module you can customize your categories block view. This module allows you to create many categories block with selected categories. More informations about module and its features you can find below. enjoy!


prestashop multiple categories block



Why to select this addon?


multiple categories block manage blocks visibility position of the blocks drag n drop

Convenient configuration

Module configuration page is very

easy in use and configure. Simple,

clean and powerfull

Categories blocks visibility

Manage visibility of the categories

blocks with one mouse click. Just 

tick or untick blocks!

Drag'n'drop feature

To change position of the categories

blocks. Just drag block and change

its position. Easy, fast, drag'n'drop!

 multiple categories configuration page advanced  Free technical support for module blockcategories multiple  prestashop module block categories multilanguage support

Advanced conditions

Select exact categoru you want.

Define sort method, block position

and dynamic view.

 Technical support

Need help? No worries, feel free

to write, we offer module

technical support

 Many languages? No problem!

You store use many languages?

This is not a problem! Module

supports multilanguage



Module features

Main and most important feature of this module is possibility to create many blocks with categories. You can easily manage created blocks. You can delete, activate, deactivate, and of course edit each created block - everything in simple in use module configuration page. More information about specific module features you can read below.


Block settings

  1. You can define block header (this feature supports multilanguage feature)
  2. You can temporary disable blocks (you don't have to remove them, just disable block and turn in on in the future)
  3. You can select place where you want to display category block (left or right column)
  4. You can also change blocks positions (order blocks with outstanding drag n drop feature)


Categories tree settings

  1. You can display only subcategories of currently viewed category page
  2. You can exclude selected categories from block
  3. You can display created category block on selected by you category pages
  4. You can display created category block on product pages associated with selected categories
  5. You can display created category block on selected manufacturer pages
  6. Possibility to define tree depth value (how manu subcategories levels you want to display)
  7. Possibility to define category block main category (parent category) - it mean that module will display only subcategories of parent category
  8. Possibility to turn on "dynamic" mode for certain of blocks - it mean that you will see animated cateogry tree (roll out / roll in subcategories).
  9. Possibility to define sort method. You can sort by category name and by category position inside parent category.
  10. Possibility to define order way, you can sort categories descending or ascending
  11. Possibility to turn on thumbnail of category
  12. Possibility to turn off thumbnail of category
  13. You can select image type that will appear as a categoru thumbnail

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Multiple Categories Blocks Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to updates checker

- added improvemennts to support of multistore

- refreshed design of back office configuration page



- added new feature to define additional "class" of the blocks created by the module.

- each new block can have own unique class, so you can personalize its design or block sizes in prestashop 1.7.x (with botstrap col sizes)



- added support of displayLeftColumnProduct hook in PrestaShop 1.7.x



- added feature to display category block on selected manufacturer pages 



- added improvements to prestashop 1.7 and identification of product pages



- updated the file for prestashop 1.7.x to avoid conflict between 1.6.x code



- added support of multistore

- each shop can have own unique blocks with menus now



- added better support of visibility of the block with selected option "display block on selected category pages"

- now with option "display also on subcategory" pages - blocks will be visible in all subcategories



- added feature to display categories inside hook named "home" so-called "displayHome"



- added minor improvements to the module to support psr-2 coding standards

- added improvements to module code to make it work properly with upcoming prestashop 1.7 version



added fixes to appearance of blocks on selected category pages and subcategories of these categories.

added fixes to category image appearance for root category



added fixes to "display on product pages" feature. Now module uses also subcategories of selected categories



  1. You can display created category block on product pages associated with selected categories

Check online demo

On demo page we created several blocks with categories, you can check it, just take a look on the right / left columns - you will see categories blocks there.

This is demo store for PrestaShop 1.6. To manage module please go to "modules" section and search for multiple categories block addon. From shops selection (multistore) please select "multiple categories block"

login: [email protected]

password: demodemo