Prestashop Custom contents carousel

This is a carousel module that will create slideshow of custom contents. This multimedial module allows to create slides with videos, images, texts or widgets from other websites. You can build as many carousels as you want. Moreover - each carousel can be personalized and display different slides etc.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.2.1
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Module Custom contents carousel works with PrestaShop 1.7
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  • Module Custom contents carousel works with PrestaShop 1.5

More info: Prestashop Custom contents carousel

As you already know with this module you can easily build a carousel feature on your website. This responsive carousel addon for prestashop gives you possibility to define unique items for each created carousel. Items of carousel can show contents like images, vides, simple text or some external widgets. Below you can read about available features.


custom contents carousel


Available features in custom contents carousel module

The main and most important feature is possibility to build unlimited number of carousel with unique custom contents like videos, pictures, or just with texts. Each carousel can be personalized, below you can read about available personalization features


Module after installation creates two sections in the shop

First, is a section where you can manage main module settings (its a module configuration page). There you can enable library called "lightslider". This is the core of carousel engine. This script is not a part of prestashop. Sometimes theme developers include this library to their theme. In case of this - you can enable or disable the usage of lightslider script included to this module. Just to avoid redundancy of scripts (performance cases).


The secon section is a section under modules menu item. You can find there two new positions: (see screenshot)

- create custom contents carousel

- create new item for carousel


Create new carousel of contents

This section allows to create an instance of carousel. Here you configure the main "box" of carousel, where you can define things like:

- Heading (title) of the carousel

- Activate custom link for header (if you want you can define a clickable header. If clicked - it will redirect to page you can define as an url)

- Enable option to autoplay the carousel (carousel will start to slide immediately after entry to the page)

- Carousel Loop (this options allows to slide carousel with an infinity option)

- Carousel pager (this option allows to enable navigation as a small dots to slide the carousel)

- Carousel controls (with this option you decide if you want to show arrows to navigate through carousel)

- You can specify how many items on slide carousell will display on desktop device, tablet device, mobile device

- You can activate or deactivate carousel any time you want


Create new items for carousel

This section allows you to create items that will appear inside carousel. You can define settings like:

- Custom contents - with rich text editor you can build any contents you want

- Define the target carousel (item will appear inside selected carousel)

- you can specify size for mobile devices (bootstrap class sm)

- you can specify size for tablet devices (bootstrap class md)

- you can specify size for desktop devices (bootstrap class lg)

- you can activate / deactivate the item any time you want


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Custom contents carousel Changelog - informations about updates


- updated translations of the module (added full Polish translation)

- improved usage of the module in prestashop 1.7.x



released version that is ready to work with prestashop 1.6.x and 1.7.x



- added feature to control the number of slides that will appear inside carousel depending on device type

- you can define unique settings for devides like desktop, tablet, mobile

- you can enable or disable autoplay option (carousel will start to slide immediately)



started project on mypresta addons marketplace

Check online demo

Button above redirects to demo page where you can see exmaple of carousel with custom contents (video with autoplay + several images)