Prestashop Account activation by email link

If you're looking for double opt-in signup process - this is the right choice for you. Module creates an account that is inactive and customer can activate it by clicking on link that will be send during register process to user email address.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
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Module version 1.4.6
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Module Account activation by email link works with PrestaShop 1.7
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With this double opt-in signup module for PrestaShop your customers will have to confirm their email address by clicking on the link that module will send to them. Account will be disabled until they will click on the link. Module workflow is very simple and effective.As an option module has feature to disable double opt-in signup and activate user accounts manually, by shop admin.

Two ways of account activation process
Double opt-in signup process Account activation by admin
Customer account right after register will be disabled. Customer will see an information that shop delivered account activation link to customer email address used during register process. When customer will click on activation link - module will activate customer account and customer will have possibility to log in as customer. Customer account right after register process will be disabled. Customer will see an information that its account must be manually reviewed by employee. Shop employee with receive an email with account activation link. Once employee will activate account with link - customer will receive an email with information that account was reviewed with success



account activation by email


Double opt-in signup form for PrestaShop

Below you can find the most important facts about the addon and information about its simple and effective workflow

  1. When your customer will create an account in your shop - it will be disabled by default. 
  2. Custmomer will not be logged in automatically (account is not active so it is not possible to log in)
  3. Customer will see notification that shop sent an activation link to email used during register process
  4. Customer after clicking on link will be redirected to your shop page - PrestaShop will spawn information that account is active now
  5. If Customer will click on invalid linkt presta will spawn information about invalid url
  6. Optionally you can activate option that will log customer in after account activation


One from the advantages of this addon is fact that module does not apply any override to shop. Module is safe, link contains hashed verification string, so account cant be activated only with this unique link.

Usage examples of module: Prestashop Account activation by email link

  1. Activate user account with link delivered in email
  2. Double opt-in sign-up in PrestaShop
  3. Verify customer register email address with activation link
  4. Moderate customer account by admin
  5. Activate customer account by admin
  6. Manual customer account activation by employee

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Account activation by email link Changelog - informations about updates


- added feature to automatically log in customer after account activation

- from now you can decide if you want to auto-log customers or not



- added full polish translation

- improved workflow of module configuration page



- added Portuguese translations to the module 



- added feature to automatically check for module updates

- added feature to send account activation link to shop admin (customer will not receive an email)



- aded improvements to the module related to plugin usage in prestashop 1.7.x



- added improvements to module related to its usage with webservice hook execution



- added improvements to module workflow with guest checkout



- added  feature to support "google login" and "paypal login" modules in a better way

- now when customer will use one of these module to register an account it will be not required to confirm it with email link



- added imrpovements related to account activation module usage with "facebook login" module form offer

- now when customer will use facebook login to register an account - account activation module will not disable this account



- added improvements to guest checkout process

- module does not block purchase and does not send account activation link for guest accounts

- due to the fact that we received many requests where you asked for disabling account activation procedure for accounts created during checkout process



- released version of module dedicated for prestashop 1.7.x



- released module on mypresta addons marketplace

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