Prestashop Voucher code after registration

This module is great marketing tool. it's a kind of "call to action" feature. Your customers after account creating (register) in your shop will receive a individual voucher code. They will receive an email with information about their discount, in addition voucher code will appear also in they account.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x
Available translations
Module version 1.9.7
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

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This PrestaShop Addon is a great feature to increase sales in your shop. Right after register your customer will receive notification mail with personal voucher code. Welcome voucher is one of the best ways to build satisfed customers network. In addition voucher code will appears also in customer "My Account" section. Of course as a shop owner you can define voucher code specification. 


welcome voucher prestashop


Main features of Welcome voucher module

The most important feature in this module is an ability to automatic generate voucher code for each new customer in your shop based on prestashop engine. Customer will receive notification email with personal voucher code + each customer will see own voucher code in "my account" section.


Rules that are necessary to follow to get the coupon

The most important rule, of course, is a registration in the shop. This means that only new customers will receive the dedicated unique coupon code. In addition to this you can generate coupon only if customer will also subscripte to the newsletter - otherwise module will not generate coupon. Another rule that is available in the plugin is possibility to generate or not generate coupons for B2B customers (you can enable or disable possibility to get coupon for these customers)


Voucher codes specification setup

As a shop owner you can of course define detailed specification of voucher code. I mean that you can define each aspect of automatically generated voucher code. More about available options you can read below:


Define the type of voucher 

This module allows to generate and send unique voucher code to your customer. You can also set it up to send voucher code that already exist in your shop.


Main voucher code settings

  1. You can define voucher code name in each language active in your shop
  2. You can define description of voucher code (visible only for you)
  3. You can define number of characters used in automatically generated voucher code
  4. You can enable or disable voucher code sufix
  5. You can define sufix in each language active / available in your shop
  6. You can enable or disable voucher code prefix
  7. You can define prefix in each language active / available in your shop
  8. You can Highlight voucher code in the cart summary
  9. You can enable or disablee "partial use" option - this feature is applicable if the voucher is greater than the cart total)
  10. You can define voucher code "priority" option, A cart rule with priority of "1" will be processed before a cart rule with a priority of "2"
  11. You can define if voucher code will be active / or disabled right after generation


Voucher code conditions

  1. You can define how long voucher code will be active. You can define this option in days.
  2. You can define minimum cart value, for which voucher code will be active.
  3. You can define minimum cart value currency (you can select currency from all available currencies in your shop)
  4. You can define tax options for minimum cart value (tax included or excluded)
  5. You can define shipping option for minimum cart value (shipping included or excluded)
  6. You can define Total available option of coupon, the cart rule will be applied to the first "X" uses
  7. You can define Total available for each user option - a cusomer will only be able to use the cart rule "X" time(s)
  8. You can add rule concerning categories (you can use it or not - everything depends on you)
  9. With cart rule concerning categories you can select categories (see picture) for which voucher code will be active
  10. You can add rule concerning products (the same as with categories rule - you can use it or not)
  11. With cart rule concerning products you can select products (see picture)  for which voucher code will be active
  12. You can add rule concerning manufacturers (the same as category rule - you can select it or not)
  13. With cart rule concerning manufacturers you can select manufacturers for which code will be active
  14. you can add rule concerning suppliers
  15. With cart rule concerning suppliers you can select suppliers for which code will be active
  16. You can add rule concerning attributes
  17. With cart rule concerning attributes you can select product attributes for which voucher code will be active
  18. You can add rule concerning groups of customers
    With this feature voucher code that module will generate will be able to use by customers from selected groups inly.


Voucher codes actions

  1. You can enable or disable Free shipping option
  2. You can select a discount type
  3. It mean that you can select percentage discount, or discount it amount, or just disable it
  4. You can specify percentage (%) discunt value
  5. You can specify amount discount value currency and tax (included or excluded)
  6. You can apply discount to order value (without shipping) or to specific product (from your catalog)
  7. You can apply discount to cheapest product
  8. You can apply discount to selected products in "conditions" section.
  9. You can turn on option "send free gift" and select product (with attribute) that will be treated as a free gift


Available variables in email templates

This module adds some special variables to email templates. You can use them among others added to emails by default. These shortcodes are a great way to personalize the email contents.

Variable Description
{voucher} This variable used in email contents will print voucher code. For example: XFDE3240SS
{voucher_date_from} This variable will print a date from which voucher will be active and available to use
{voucher_date_to} This variable used in email template will print voucher expiry date
{voucher_value} This variable will write information about voucher value
{customer_firstname} This variable will be replaced with customer first name (customer that created an account)
{customer_lastname} This variable will be replaced with customer last name (customer that created an account)




Voucher codes after registration showcase (configuration + front office)


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Voucher code after registration Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to voucher generation process to generate coupon codes associated with defined groups of customers only



- added improvements to module usage in multistore environments 

- added feature to decide about characters used to generate voucher codes

- you can generate now codes with usage of alphanumeric, numeric, alpha characters set



-removed autogenerate voucher process in shop back office



- added improvements to groups selection on voucher settings configuration page



- updated the library that is responsible for voucher generation process

- updated translation pack

- added feature to "exclude" special products from discount (ps 1.7)



- added improvements to voucher generation process

- now highlight option is generated properly (previously this feature was not saved in voucher settings)



- added new feature to define email title on module configuration page

- updated translations of the module

- added feature to define groups restriction (module will generate voucher code for users from selected grups of customers only)



- added Spanish translation of emails



- better identification of "customer" and "business customer"



- added improvements to recently added features



- added feature to enable / disable possibility to receive voucher for account register for B2B customers

- updated function to check updates of the module

- updated design of module configuration page

- updated voucher library, now it supports prestashop 1.7 properly


1.8.5 + 1.8.6

- added improvements to spanish translations

- added improvements to italian translations



- added new feature to voucher settings

- now voucher code generated in this module can be shared between shops (if you use multistore feature)

- feature can be enabled or disabled (if disabled voucher will be available only in shop where it was generated)

- added appearance tweaks for prestashop 1.6.x and 1.7.x

- added translations for new feature



- added feature to define new rule concerning suppliers

- updated missed translations for new features



- new featue to decide what kind of code module will send

- you can select now option to generate unique coupon code for each new user

- or you can select and define code that already exists in your shop - module will send it to your customers then



- added improvements to cart rule "uncombinable with other cart rules" option

- added improvements related to prestashop 1.7.x support



- added feature to generate voucher code only if customer registered to newsletter during registration process

- added improvements to module configuration page

- added improvements to voucher settings page

- added videos with explanations related to voucher settings

- updated translations of the module

- module supports PrestaShop 1.7 now!



- added feature to check updates automatically

- you can enable / disable automatic updates notifications now

- you can check for updates directly from module page

- added fixes to emails related to usage of new email variables



- new email templates available, they are responsive and look much better than before

- new variables available to use in email templates {voucher}, {voucher_date_from}, {voucher_date_to}, {voucher_value}, {customer_firstname}, {customer_lastname}

- module is ready to support PrestaShop 1.7



updated translations of the module. Added missed translations for languages like: Polish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish



improvements related to voucher code generation process, it saves "carriers restriction" properly now

improvements related to module configuration page



poprawki do generowania kodu dla dostawcy

usprawnienia w działaniu ustawien kodu rabatowego



opcja pozwalająca dodać restrykcje dotyczące dostawcy. Kupon rabatowy wygenerowany dla nowego klienta będzie działał tylko z wybranymi dostawcami (opcjonalnie)

poprawki problemu z generowaniem kuponu w prestashop 1.4.x



uzupełnienie tłumaczeń oraz usprawnienia do działania strony konfiguracyjej wartości kodu rabatowego



opcja do definiowania "prezentu" - poprawki do wyboru kombinacji