Prestashop tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor

Extended rich text editor module for PrestaShop adds better version of tinyMCE editor to your shop. Extended version of the editor contains several additional features to include font awesome icons, to include youtube videos, it accepts all available html / javascript code etc. 

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x
Available translations
Module version 2.0.9
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Module tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor works with PrestaShop 1.7
  • Module tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor works with PrestaShop 1.6

More info: Prestashop tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor

  1. After recent Chrome browser update (v58) rich text editors stopped to work properly, this module is not affected by this problem and it fixes default rich text editor in prestashop!

  2. As you probably know recent version of prestashop has new technical side of rich text editor.
    Module fully supports PrestaShop 1.7.6.x - extended editor allows to save also java scripts.

This PrestaShop module is a great tool for shop administration purposes. Addon extends rich text editor - it is by default very poor and non-intuitive) and includes additional features to it. With this addon you will be able to save any kind of code now, not as it was before: only some parts of html language (the rest were cutted out). Module will change each available tinyMCE editor in your shop back office to extended version. For example, addon will replace default editors in: product edit page, category edit pages, cms pages, translations of email, default and non-default modules, etc.


extended tinymce in prestashop


Main features of tinyMCE PRO

Main and most important feature of this module is possibility to extend default text editor in PrestaShop. Whole process is automatic and any time you want - you can put back original tinyMCE editor or install it again (there is a chance that after update of the shop you will lost extended editor, so with one mouse button you can put it back!). Below you can read what module does.


Automatic installation

You don't have to alter PrestaShop core files anymore. Whole process module does in "background". Just sit, install and turn on module - it will do the rest. So, quick and easy installation is definitely advantage of this plugin.


New great editor features

This extension adds additional non-default features to your rich text editor. For example you can easily add youtube videos, add font awesome icons, it contains more font edit tools. Below you can read about most important and most valuable additional plugins included to the addon.

Feature Description
Youtube Great tool to add and manage youtube videos. It's great especially because you can define some important settings of the video like hd, video size, autoplay etc.
Font Awesome

With module you can add font awesome icons to your descriptions of products, categories etc. Easy in use tool allows to search for icos and put them to editor with one mouse click. It's a great way to build attractive descriptions.

Extended Font editor

Extended version of font editor allows to easily change background and color of the font. The best way to personalize appearance of the text you want to display.

Tables constructor

This feature allows to build tables and manage settings of them. It's great plugin that is intuitive and allows to edit each available aspect of tables like captions, rows, cols etc.

Advanced image settings

Image settings contains now "advanced" section where you can define additional settings of your image.

Advanced bullet and numbered lists

Now you can create additional types of lists, for bullet:    default, circle, disc, square, for numbered:  defalult, lower alpha, lower greek, lower roman, upper alpha, upper roman

Better link (anchor) feature

Now you can define links in a much better way. Standard editor does not allow to add "title" to the link. With tinymcepro it is possible! So you can increase seo value of the links.

Bootstrap accordion

You can create bootstrap accordion (collapsible title / text). 

Edit attributes

Feature that accepts and allows to add unlimited number of html code attributes with nice and easy in use GUI

Text styles

Feature that allows to alter paragraph styles like ident, paddings, margins colors etc

Add iframe

Module has a plugin to add iframes to contents

Add bootstrap buttons

Module has feature to add bootstrap buttons


Backup of the files

Addon creates backup of original files so any time you want you will be able to turn extended editor off. The same if you will want to install it again - you can do it from module configuration page with one mouse click. It's great way to install it again especially if we want to update our PrestaShop - module will support whole process very well.


Module updates

You can manage updates from module back office configuration page. You can enable / disable feature to inform you about updates. You can check if any update exists manually too.


Usage examples of module: Prestashop tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor

  1. extend rich text editor in prestashop
  2. extend product description editor in prestashop
  3. extend category descroption editor in prestashop
  4. extend cms page editor in prestashop
  5. feature to save javascripts in descriptions
  6. feature to save widgets in descriptions

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tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to email translations form (preview window works correctly now)



- added styles for images to ensure that img-circle, img-thumbnail and img-rounded works properly in themes without bootstrap default css styles



- added improvements to support of mutlistore environment

- improvement is related to back office configuration design-related things



- added new feature to define availability of fonts in the editor (you can set own fonts and remove existing fonts)

- added new feature to define font sizes that will be implemented to editor

- this version of the module requires its reinstallation



- added improvement to module installation functions



- added improvements to module configuration page to avoid notification about missing index (in prestashop 1.7.x)



- added improvements to module support of iquit elementor feature (used in popular theme "warehouse")

- this version of the module requires its reinstallation



- changed the configuration page of the module

- now it fits to current prestashop's back office layout



- added improvements to saving contents that contain in prestashop



- added improvements to module usage in prestashop in environments that work with pagespeed apache plugin

- added improvements to translation packages loaded by module dedicated for rich text editor

- released version that is ready to work with prestashop 1.7.6.+ 

- added remove format button

- this version of module requires to follow reinstallation procedure as it is described in docs

- added improvements to fullscreen feature

- this version of module requires to follow reinstallation procedure as it is described in docs

- added fixes to tinymce engine that solves the problem with unidentified FontFace / FontFamily - well known problem in TinyMce 4.5+

- this version of module requires to follow reinstallation procedure as it is described in docs

- added improvements to rich text editor

- reordered tools fits to mobile devices properly now
- added improvements to installation process of the module

- added imrpovements to version compare function to better handle installation process of the module in old releases of prestashop 1.6.0.x

- added improvements to "paragraph" properties editor



- added feature to support rich text editor on mail editor page

- this version of the module requires reinstallation procedure (including browser cache clear)



- added workflow improvements to rich text editor on product edit pages in prestashop 1.7.x



- added words counter to product page editor

- added better support of bootstrap alerts with feature to close it



- added improvements to support code that does not meet a v3c standards (some of the widgets break the html rules



- added improvements to code cleanup process



- added extended version of "table" plugin where you can define: border type, border color, border background of table and its cell, colum, row or entire table

- this version of the module requires reinstallation and browser cache clear (to see changes immediately)



- added new plugin to "add iframe"

- added new plugin to add "bootstrap image"

- added new plugin to add "bootstrap label"

- added new plugin to add "bootstrap panel"

- added new plugin to add "bootstrap buttons"

- this version o module requires reinstallation



- added open sans font to fonts selection in the editor

- to see new font in context menu module requires reinstallation of scripts (on module configuration page you've got the tool to do this)



- added feature to include fancybox library to all front office pages

- this is useful option if we want to use tinymce to build fancybox galleries on various pages in your online shop



- updated the module to work with prestashop 1.7.2.x releases

- added improvements to support html tag

- new version of module requires reinstallation (!)



- added improvements to the way of how module loads accordion library



- added support of additional not frequently used html5 tags

- improved support of tags



- updated font awesome library (new icons included)

- added fixes to support of script tags - these tags are accepted now even if they are at the begining of the code

- new version requires reinstallation of the module



- added improvements to module installation process in prestashop,,



- added fixes to recent issue with rich text editor in prestashop (even default one) related to chrome update to v58

- due to the changes in the module .js files it is necessary to reinstall it and clear browser cache to see the changes immediately



- added additional context menu "formats" where you can select html5 elements

- added support on many non-default html and html5 tags



- added new tinymce library to support additional notifications

- added "close" button to the windows that tinymce opens while you use available features

- added notifications to some features if they are unable to use (in case of browser settings context)

- due to the changes to main module .js file - it is necessary to reinstall the module and to clear browser cache to see the changes



- added improvements to PrestaShop 1.7.x version of the module

- added fixes to editor init process

- added missed function during update process check



- added fixes related to caching modules for back office, now js files are minified properly

- new version of updates checker

- added design improvements



- added missed icon of text color

- added missed icon of text backgrund color

- added better colorpicker feature



- improved workflow of emoticons, it can be used only with square brackets [ ] for example [:-)] [o.o] [:-D] etc.



- developed feature that includes internal accordion feature if theme used in shop does not support it (its default feature in prestashop)

- module has now option to enable it (internal accordion) on configuration page



- standardized plugin names to avoid issues on environemnts that are case sensitive



- added plugin that allows to create bootstrap accordion

- added plugin that allows to add any kind of custom attribute to html elements

- added plugin to define text styles for paragraph elements

- added better youtube plugin

- better reinstallation process of the module

- due to the changes in the core and in the tinymce .js files it is necessary to reinstall the module



- added support of right click context menu



- added improvements related to PrestaShop 1.7.x

- due to the conflict between js libraries - I decided to release separated .zip library for PrestaShop 1.7.x



- added fixes related to module workflow in PrestaShop

- to apply changes and succesfully update the plugin - this version of module must be reinstalled



- added fixes to appearance of tinymce pro features while fulscreen mode is active



- new version updates rich text editor main script to version 4.3.3

- added new feature to support bootstrap alerts

- added new feature to create thumbnails, rounded images, and circles as an image

- added better code analysis tool that does not change the output code

- due to the changes in the source code of the tinymce editor this version requires reinstallation



- added better link feature that has possiblity to define class="fancybox" for link to build effective galleries



- added feature to copy / paste from word with defined styles



- added better "link" feature that allows to define "title" of the link now.

- this version requires reinstallation of the module (due to the changes to link plugin)



- added better support of google rich snippets code



- added missed languages to tinymcepro fontawesome plugin / youtube plugin

- added new main script of tinymce

- if you already use the module, it may require reinstallation before it will start to work with changes



- changed code of the module to meet psr-2 standards 



- added vietnamese language support

- added scrollbars to tinyMCE editor



- module fully supports prestashop 1.7! This means that this is first available addon for new release of PrestaShop!



- updated notifications system, module shows direct link to addon page now

- added missed languages - this generated js errors previously, so in effect - no editor appeared. Now it is fixed.



- added text align and justify buttons to editor, they are more visible now (you dont have to search them inside dropdowns anymore)

- so, visible buttons are: text align left, text align right, center, justify

- added fixes to copy-paste feature



- added better bullet list + numbered list options, now you can create lists that will have:

- bullet list: default, circle, disc, square

- numbered list: defalult, lower alpha, lower greek, lower roman, upper alpha, upper roman

- added also "advanced" settings of image (available in popup "image" while you add an image to editor - see screenshot)



- started project on addons marketplace