Prestashop Mass product combinations editor

If you spend a lot of time on editing process of combinations in your shop - this mass edit module will help you. With this PrestaShop addon you can equickly manage product combinations from one page. You can save a lot of time with this mass combinations modification plugin.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.7.8
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

More info: Prestashop Mass product combinations editor

With this  addon for PrestaShop  you can quickly edit combinations of products in your shop. This mass attributes editor allows to quickly manage settings of combinations. If you will use this addon in your shop it will create new menu item on each product edit page. There you will find a list of available combinations with possibility to edit all of them from one page. Details about module features you can find below the image.


mass product combinations editor


Main features of mass product combinations editor

Main feature of this module is a new menu item on each product edit page, where you can quickly manage all product combinations. With this addon you can save a lot of time, you will not have to edit combinations one by one anymore. Below you can find list of available features.

Feature Description
List of available combinations on one page On product edit page you can find a section that displays list of all available product combinations. This list of products contains several input boxes that allows to modify combination specification directly from this list.
Image List of combinations display cover image of combination. This allows to identify the combination easily.
Image associations With this feature you can easily select / deselect images associated with combination. This videogif shows how it works
Combination name Combination name contains informations about attributes that were used in this combination. It's another factor that allows to identify combination on list
Reference Module allows to quickly edit reference number of your combinations. Just type some value inside reference field (input box). Module will save it automatically
Supplier reference Module allows to quickly edit supplier reference number of your combinations. Just type some value inside supplier reference field (input box). Module will save it automatically
EAN13 With this module you can quickly change EAN13 product number. Just type ean13 value in this field and module will save everything "in background" without page reload
UPC With this module you can quickly change UPC product number. Exactly the same as in other fields, module will save it in background automatically after change
Wholesale price With this field you can quickly change wholesale price value of combination
Price impact Addon allows to quickly edit price impact method. Combination feature in PrestaShop allows to define price impact on global product price. It can be increased or decreased.
Impact value Addon allows to alter value of the impact. Exactly the same as in normal combination editor - you define here value in defauly shop currency. We have got possibility to provide price tax included and tax exlcluded (module will calculate everythnig automatically)
Weight impact You can decide if selected combinations affects weight of the product. You can set weight impact: increase / decrease
Weight impact value Weight impact value is defined in default shop weight type
Minimal quantity You can define minimal quantity that will be required to order this product combination

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Mass product combinations editor Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to save process of pictures associated with images

- after product save changes are saved correctly (new selected photos)



- added improvements to save process of combinations in prestashop 1.7

- now module auto-updates all combination fields to avoid problem with saving process



- added possibility to turn on / off price impact and weight impact separately 

- added possibility to turn on / off "wholesale price" field



- added fixes to image save process in feature to mass assign images to combinations



- added improvements to checkboxes in quick images assign feature



- added feature to mass images assigner to clean selection

- increased number of pictures (thumbs) that appears on list of pictures (previous limit was 25, now 125)



- added feature that improves option to quickly associate images with combinations. Now you can select combinations in bulk by attribute value (for example only color red, only color blue)



- added feature to quickly assign images to combinations in bulk



- added improvements to visibility of license code, now it is hidden and does not bother merchants anymore



- added fixes to prestashop 1.7 save process of quantity information

- added improvements to quantity information save - it updates global product's quantity properly now (sum of combinations' quantities)



- added new field to alter: quantity. Now you can manage stock of your combinations

- on module configuration page you can decide what columns you want to show on combintions edit page

- Image YES / NO - Show Image of combination and allow to select combination's images

- Combination's name YES / NO - Show name of combination

- Quantity YES / NO - Display combination's quantity and allow to alter it

- Reference YES / NO - Display combination's reference and allow to alter it

- Supplier reference YES / NO - Display combination's supplier reference and allow to alter it

- EAN YES / NO - Display EAN code and allow to alter it

- UPC YES / NO - Display UPC code and allow to alter it

- Price / weight impact YES / NO - Show price / weight impact and allow to alter it

- Minimal quantity YES / NO - Display minimal quantity and allow to alter it



- improved module workflow in prestashop 1.7.x



- module fully supports prestashop 1.7.x so you can use it in new prestashop!

- cleaned up module .tpl file, also for prestashop 1.6.x / 1.5.x



- added design improvements

- added fixes to save process of product's combination "minimal quantity" option



- added feature to quickly select / define / unselect images associated with combination



- quick combinations editor contains now feature to define weight impact

- better multishop support, module saves now values for selected shop



- added missed file qce.js that generated some problems. With this update file is included into the library, so everything works properly.



- possibility to provide impact value price with tax (tax included) or without tax (tax excluded)

- module will calculate the impact value automatically (based on one type of price you will provide)



- better support of prestashop 1.5.x releases

- fixed appearance of module tab on product edit page in old prestashop releases

- added feature to display tax included / tax excluded of impact value



- changed the appearance of the combinations, now list is much more readable than before



- improvements related to module installation on prestashop releases



- added fixes related to ssl connections

- added better updates system

- you can enable disable updates notifications



- added possibility to change price increase / decrease



- started project on mypresta addons marketplace

Check online demo

This is link to back office of PrestaShop demo store. After login please go to catalog > products and edit selected product. On product edit page you can find "quick combinations edit" section. Open it to quickly manage all combinations of product.

password: demodemo