Prestashop Export Products Pro

With this module you can easily export products and it's combinations to CSV file. Module can export whole catalog and exported file will be ready to use it in Import CSV tool available in prestashop. Module has several features that allows to define what kind of products module will export.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 2.0.0
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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This module that works with new PrestaShop 1.7 allows to easily and quickly export thousands of products to .csv file that can be imported in other systems (as well as in other prestashop - file is ready to import to prestashop). Many features available in module allows to export products precisely and in each available language in your shop. Details about module you can find below.


 Two file formats
  CSV file XML file 
exported file will be in csv format, this format is accepted by default prestashop's IMPORT CSV tool exported file will be in xml format, this format is widely accepted by price comparison websites


This module generates a feed for prestashop's import CSV tool purposes. This tool requires very specific format of files and very specific order of datasets in this file.


 Two export possibilities
CSV / XML Downloadable file  CSV / XML file available online
 As a shop owner you can create a feed of products and download it from shop back office as a .csv file. You can use all available filters to filter the products that will be available in the feed .CSV file that will be available on defined URL. File will contain always up to dated list of products automatically generated - also in .CSV format (also supports all available filters)

This module exports files for prestashop "IMPORT CSV" tool purposes (default import tool in prestashop)

Various CSV / XML files Format


1.5 - 1.6

PrestaShop - 1.7.2.x

PrestaShop -



 Each version of PrestaShop has feature named "CSV IMPORT" where you can import .csv files generated by this module.
Each version of PrestaShop accepts a little different structure o CSV file. Because of this during export process you can select
the structure of file - module will generate file for selected version of PrestaShop


Export products pro in prestashop


Main features available in the module

As you already know - main feature of this module is a possibility to export products to csv file. Module has additonal features that allows to customize exported products' feed. Module allows to export also products' combinations (attributes). On module configuration page you can define options like:

  1. Possibility to define language of the products' feed (you can select all available languages in your shop)
  2. Possibility to define a character that will separate fields in CSV file
  3. Possibility to select what kind of products' module will export (active products only or all catalog)
  4. Possibility to select manufacturer - module will export products associated with selected manufacturer only
  5. Possiblity to select supplier - module will export products associated with selected supplier only
  6. Possibility to select category - module will export products associated with selected category only
  7. Feature to partially generate the feed (useful on hosting environments with limited resources)
  8. Possibility to define type of price that will be included to export feed (tax included / tax excluded)

Of course you can select and combine several options at the same time, so you can export exact products easily and prepare CSV files with selected products only.


List of fields that module exports

Module exports full information about product. CSV file contains many informations - list of them you can find below

Field name Description
Product ID Unique product's identification number
Active (0/1) Information if product is active or not, 0 - product is not active 1 - product is active
Name Product name (in selected language)
Categories (x,y,z...) List of all categories, product is assigned to these categories
Price tax included Price of the product (tax included)
Tax rules ID ID of used tax rules
Wholesale price Value of wholesale product's price
On sale (0/1) Information if product is marked as a product "on sale". 1 - if product is on sale, 0 - if product isn't marked as "on sale" product
Discount amount Value of discount (amount)
Discount percent Value of discount (percent) 
Discount from (yyyy-mm-dd) Information about discount availability - in this case - about discount start date
Discount to (yyyy-mm-dd) Information about discount availability - in this case - about discount exipiry date
Reference # Unique product's reference number
Supplier reference # Unique product's reference associated with selected supplier
Supplier Supplier ID
Manufacturer Manufacturer ID
EAN13 product's EAN13 code
UPC Product's UPC code
Ecotax information about product's Ecotax
Width Information about product's width
Height Information about product's height
Depth Inforamtion about product's depth
Weight Information about product's weight
Quantity Information about product's quantity
Minimal quantity Information about minimal product's quantity
Visibility Information about visibility of product
Additional shipping cost Information about additional shipping cost
Unit for the unit price Information about unit for product's unit price
Unit price Product's unit price
Short description Product's short description (in selected language)
Description Product's description (in selected language)
Tags (x,y,z...) List of all tags associated with this product
Meta title SEO meta title of product
Meta keywords SEO meta keyword of product
Meta description SEO meta description of product
URL rewritten SEO rewritten url of product
Text when in stock Text that will appear when product is in stock
Text when backorder allowed Text when product is available to "backorder"
Available for order (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information if product is available for order
Product available date Availibility date of product
Product creation date Information about product creation date
Show price (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information if product page will display price or not
Image URLs (x,y,z...) List of all images uploaded to this product (urls to images)
Delete existing images (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information about deleted existing images
Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized) Information about features associated with this product (list of them)
Available online only (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information if product is available online only
Condition Information about product condition (new, used, refubrished etc.)
Customizable (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information, if product is customized or not (customization option)
Uploadable files (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information, if product has uploaded files, or not (customization option)
Text fields (0 = No, 1 = Yes) Information, if product has "text" fields (customization option)
Action when out of stock What to do if product is out of stock
ID / Name of shop ID of shop
Optional url to product page Option if enabled allows to include link to product page to csv file


Export categories of products

Module is ready to export also categories. Exported  categories to CSV file will contain all required fields to import them to prestashop with "import csv" tool available in shop by default.

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Export Products Pro Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvement to export process of attribute values with name that contain special character : to avoid problems with import process in prestashop's default "import" tool



- added possibility to export products from many various categories



- added support of MPN field (for products and combinations) that was added in PrestaShop 1.7.7.x



- added feature to save form only without export products to file

- from now you have two buttons "save" and "save & export"



- added link to main configuration page of the module that redirects to configuration form of export process



- added new feature to define multiple values separator

- usually its a comma symbol "," - but you can personalize it now



- added feature to export products by date

- you can filter products by date from, date to or date from + date to



- added improvements to export process of attribute names (name + public name) 

- added improvements to export process of attribute values



- added improvements to export process dedicated for prestashop 1.7.3+



- added improvements to usage of variable export_increase_price. Module does not spawn  information about Undefined index: export_increase_price



- added improvements to include_url feature (include link to product / combination to feed). Now include_url field is excluded properly + prestashop does not spawn information about Undefined index: include_url



- added fixes to recently added upgrade to avoid var_dump command added acidentally to export combinations code



- from now you can decide about category field format during export configuration

- added new feature to export category id instead category name

- added improvements to module's updates checker feature

- updated the copyright notices in all files



- added improvements to export products by supplier when splitting feed to small parts is active



- added improvements to export products by manufacturer when splitting feed to small parts is active



- added new feature to save settings of form (you can decide if you want to save form settings or not)

- added improvements to feed splitting process, it shows suggestions now



- added new feature to increase prices of products in feed by defined percentage value (add profit margin)



- added improvements related to export process of tax excluded prices, from now csv / xml files are not distorted anymore



- improved export process of products and combinations

- from now when you will select option to export feed in defined language - the url to product will be also an url for selected language



- added feature to partially download feed

- feature useful for shops with large number of products and hosting account with limited resouces



- added improvements to export process of categories, now categories are in correct order so default category is defines properly after import process



- added improvements to features export format. Now it creates an exact mirror of features (features are no longer exported as customized value)

- added xml format, so now you can select CSV file, or XML file



- added fixes to export process of tax included / tax exluded prices



- added improvements to export process of tax included / tax excluded product prices



- added filter by suppliers 



- added improvements to export process of virtual products in PrestaShop 1.5.x



- added improvements to export products to avoid problems with category / manufacturer / supplier with id 99999



- added feature that checks for module updates automatically

- added improvement to notification about unidentified index export_type



- added new feature to select file structure type

- module can generate csv file with structure accepted in: PrestaShop 1.6, PrestaShop 1.7.0 - 1.7.2, PrestaShop 1.7.3

- added missing fields to PrestaShop 1.7 export: alert when product is out of stock, quantity threshold to send email, downloadable files (url, name, expiration date, number of available downloads)



- added feature to generate export feed that will be available online and always up to dated (feature allows to use the same filters as module has)



added improvements to specific prices export process



- added imprvement to save process of "active" variable

- when product is disabled module will save information about it as "0" (not empty as previously



- added improvements to export products of combinations, it does not include products without combinations to exported .csv file anymore



- added improvements to export process of categories tree



- added feature to export categories to .csv file



- added fixes to export products module to eliminate problem with specific prices date, now it does not spawn Fatal error: Call to undefined method Tools::date_format() in /modules/exportproducts/controllers/admin/AdminExportProducts.php



- added feature to better support "date add" column



- added full polish translation



- improved export process of product url, url can be included to combination export too.



- changed the default delimiter from comma to semicolon (default separator in csv files)



- added feature to include to csv file link to product page



- proper identification of combination's images

- optimized code



- added proper format of combination group, combination value (attributes)



- improved export of image positions



- improved export of combinations

- now if you defined impact on weight or availability date - module exports these values for each combination properly

- improved export of products



- added proper formatting of csv file heading



- added feature to export product combinations

- updated module core to eliminate notificaiton about unidentified index 'id_product' and 'id_image' inside .csv file



- module fully supports PrestaShop 1.7.x now



- added feature to export products by selected manufacturers

- added feature to export all / active products only

- added feature to export products by selected suppliers



- added fixes to export process in PrestaShop



- added feature to define price type that will be exported (vat included / vat excluded)

- added feature to export products from selected categories



- started project on addons marketplace