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Facebook social network is today the biggest and most important community around the world. It's great marketing tool to increase your brand visibility, increase sales and great way to offer facebook support for your customers. This module is a responsive facebook like box, with this addon you can easily gain more facebook fans on your online store fanpage.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x
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Module version 2.5.0
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Module Responsive Facebook Like Box works with PrestaShop 1.7
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  • Module Responsive Facebook Like Box works with PrestaShop 1.5

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As you already know, this facebook like box module is responsive addon for PrestaShop. It's great marketing tool to gain more Facebook likes on your shop fanpage on fb. Module contains many customization features, with these options it will fit your needs. You can display it in several places, change its colors, size etc. You can read more about this module and its features below.


Responsive Facebook Like BOx



Responsive Like Box module features

This module contains advanced customization tool. It allows to define many aspects of like box that module will create and display. As a shop owner you can of course configure it to fit your needs, appearance you want etc.

Select module position

For example, you can display it in places like:

  1. left column
  2. right column
  3. homepage hook
  4. footer hook
  5. before footer (displayFooterBefore position in PrestaShop 1.7.x)



Module contains feature to turn on or turn off responsiveness. So you can easily turn on option to change size of likebox depending on customer device size. If you want, you can turn this option off so module will be in the same size both on desktop and mobile devices.


Many languages

This is main advantage of this module. It's the only one available addon for PrestaShop that allows to define different languages of likebox for each language available in your store! For example, if your customer will browse your store in French language - you can define French likebox, if someone will browse your shop in english - you can define english language in likebox. It's first addon that allows to do that! All other modules display likebox only in one language - english for example.



You can define size of the like box - you can specify width, height of the box. Of course, if you will use responsive mode, module will fit to device screen size even if you will define bigger / smaller size. Facebook allows to use min width 180px and max width of block is 500px;



Facebook allows to select two types of likebox color. You can select "light" layout (for light templates) and "dark" layout (for dark templates). This is basic setting, but instead of it module also contains advanced color personalization tool. You can define border color (other addons don't have this feature!) and background color. You can also turn on / off background (likebox will be transparent).


Stream from your fanpage

You can use this module also to display your fanpage contents. If you will turn on this option - module will display contents that you added to your fanpage.


Faces of fans

You can turn on or turn off possibility to display fans faces. If you will turn this option on - module will display profile pictures of your fanpage fans.

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Responsive Facebook Like Box Changelog - informations about updates


- added feature to automatically check for module updates

- added improvements to module visibility inside columns and inside footer



- added support of new hooks in prestashop 1.7.x

- added optimization of the code to make it work much better in new prestashop 1.7.x



- now module can be placed in various positions (not only one as previously)

- added support of PrestaShop 1.7.x



possibility to turn on / off facebook application usage - great way to prevent conflicts with other addons

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