Prestashop Facebook join to group widget

The Facebook Join Group Plugin is a free module for PrestaShop and it lets people join your Facebook group directly from your shop pages. It is a free downloadable group plugin and it works with most important positions in templates. Configuration of pluing is very easy and intuitive.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x
Available translations
Module version 1.1.0
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

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As you already know this is totally free addon dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7.x and 1.6.x. It allows to create and display Facebook group widget. It is a special box on your page, where customers can easily join to your facebook group with just one mouse click. It is a great way to get new group members in an attractive way.


Facebook group plugin details

As a shop owner you can configure module and its paramters. Of course you can personalize the most important things related to the widget offered by Facebook. List of available configuration options are available below.


Url to group

Use there an url to your facebook group. Widget will show box with this group and customers will have possibility to join to this group



You can personalize the width of the widget. It is a great way to put it there, where you want and define the width that will fit to your theme layout. Value of width can't be higher than 500px.


Where to display widget?

It is an option where you decide where widget will appear. Module supports all most important positions in prestashop like: displayTop, displayTopColumn, displayNav, displayNav1, displayNav2, displayHome, displayFooter, displayLeftColumn, displayRightColumn



You can set a color of widget. It can be created based on "light" colors (for lighter themes), and on "dark" colors (for dark themes)


Include Meta

This option when enabled will include description of the group to the widget. It will appear at the bottom of the widget box.


Inslude social context

This option when enabled will include information about group members, for example "72 friends already joined to this group"


Include app and app ID

Each facebook widget requires an application script. If your shop does not use any kind of facebook app script - you can include it with this module.


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Facebook join to group widget Changelog - informations about updates


- added support of prestashop 1.7.x



- started project on addons markteplace