Prestashop Facebook Fan Coupons

This module is awesome tool that allows you to add special tab into your fanpage, where fans can generate coupon with voucher codes - only if they liked your fanpage. Generating of coupon code is automatic which mean that every generated by this module coupon is automatically added to your shop and ready to use! Module works properly with new PrestaShop in version 1.5.x!

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x
Available translations
Module version 3.1.1
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

More info: Prestashop Facebook Fan Coupons

This module allows you to increase your sales by voucher codes generated in your fanpage site. Stay near your clients and allow them to get coupons. Everybody who like your fanpage on facebook can generate a special individual coupon with voucher code. You dont have to generate manually voucher codes - module do it for you automatically when someone clicks "like" in your page.

This module works with shops based on newest PrestaShop engine in version 1.6.x, module also works with older shops like 1.3.x or 1.4.x or 1.5.x

 facebook fan coupon tab for prestashop


Facebook Fan Coupons features:

  • you can set up the module mode, which means that module can generate vouchers automatically or get one which already exists in your shop database
  • You can set up the characters used in automatically generated vouchers
  • You can set up the numer of letters in automatically generated vouchers
  • You can set up the Type of discount voucher, which means that you can set "free shipping", "Discount on order (in percentage)" or "Discount on order (in amount)", and in prestashop 1.5.x you can define also free gift
  • You can set up the default currency in discount on order by amount
  • You can set up the voucher quantity per each user
  • You can set up the minimal basket value, from which the voucher code will be active
  • You can set up the "Cumulative with other vouchers" mode
  • You can set up the "Cumulative with price reductions" mode
  • You can set up the description, which will be show in your customers basket if they use voucher
  • You can set up the voucher epiry date
  • You can set up the images and font styles for coupons displayed in fanpage. with this feature you can generate coupons which looks exactly as you want.
  • Set up the image for users who doesnt like your fanpage
  • Set up the image for users who already like your fanpage
  • Set up the font styles in coupon with live preview, which means that you dont must refreshing site to see effects
  • You can add image banner to your shop front office with informations about campaign on Facebook.
    When your shop guests click on banner - they will be redirected to your fanpage, where they can generate own coupon code
    You can add image banner to left column
    You can add image banner to right column
    You can specify the url addres to which user will be redirected after clicking on banner (default url is your fanpage)
  • You can browse generated voucher codes list and check facebook profiles for which, voucher was generated 
  • You can also allow customers to get new coupon by clicking on "allow customer to get new voucher code button" on generated voucher list
  • From version 1.7.8 you can define how long voucher code will be active (in days)


Advanced conditions (new feature in 1.7.1)

  1. You can define categories for which coupon will works. 
  2. You can define products for which coupon will works
  3. You can turn off advanced conditions

    Advanced coupon settings
  4. From version 2.1 module contain advanced coupon settings, this means that you can specify each aspect of voucher code that module will generate


Module works with facebook application. Our fcb app allows you to add special tab "FanCoupon" with coupons. You dont have to create your own application!.  Just go to and setup your own page tab in facebook fanpage. Our app "FanCoupon" uses a https certificate - which means that page tab WORKS FOR EVERYONE.


you can check how does it work on facebook here here:



Installation instructions:


1) First step

Install the our facebook app "Fan Coupon" on selected fanpage. The our facebook app is here:  - You must accept permissions to work properly. In app settings type the URL to your shop like: ""


2) Second step

Install the our Facebook Fan Coupon module in your shop.


3) Third step

Configure module. Thats all!

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Facebook Fan Coupons Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to voucher generation process to generate coupon codes associated with defined groups of customers only



- added feature to share voucher code between shops

- added feature to restrict voucher usage for specific customer's groups

- added feature to restrict voucher usage for specific suppliers

- refreshed design of the module's configuration page



- added new coupon restriction (condition) for products

- you can define now condition based on suppliers

- minor fixes related to module apperance in PrestaShop 1.7.x

- improvements to module updates system



- added updates notification system

- you can check for module updates on module configuration page

- you can enable / disable automatic updates notifications

- new version of vouchers settings engine

- added video explanations and tips related to voucher specification settings

- added support of PrestaShop 1.7



- added fixes to "carriers" selection, now it saves selected carriers properly



- possibility to define "carriers restriction" - now you can turn this option to define carriers. Voucher will work only with these carriers

added fixes related to voucher code generation provess in PrestaShop 1.4.x

- improvements to translations and voucher configuration page



- poprawki do wyświetlania się buttona prowadzącego do fanpage (na stronach sklepu)


- poprawiona wizualizacja flag (tłumaczeń) na stronie konfiguracyjnej modułu

- poprawki do procesu instalacyjnego (związane z tabelą w bazie do przechowywania informacji o polubieniach)

- nowa wersja silnika ustawień kuponów, gdzie poprawiono sposób wyszukiwania produktów