Prestashop Cart conditions pro

Card conditions pro module for PrestaShop allows to define what products or what categories are necessary to continue order process. If cart will not meet defined requirements it will not be possible to place an order and customer will see notification about it.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x
Available translations
Module version 1.7.3
Works in PrestaShop cloud ? Yes

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This prestashop module extends cart conditions feature. With this module you can create additional necessary conditions that customer must follow to place an order in your online shop. Examples of conditions you can find below

  1. Cart must contain at least one product from selected category: T-shirts
  2. Cart can't contain at least one product from selected category: Dresses
  3. Cart must contain at least one product: Printed T-shirt with MyPresta logo
  4. Cart must contain at least 20 products
  5. Cart can't contain more than 10 products
  6. Cart must contain at least 15 products from selected category: T-shirts
  7. Cart must contain at least 10 products from category: Blouses
  8. Cart must contain at lest 100 quantity of product: T-shirt for group of customers: Customer
  9. Customer from selected group must add products worth €225 from selected category: T-shirts
  10. Cart can't contain more than 10 quantity of selected product: T-shirt for group of customers: Customer
  11. Cart cant' contain more than 1 quantity of selected product: Gift card for group of customers: Customers
  12. etc.


Unlimited number of conditions

Module allows to create unlimited number of conditions, so you can personalize it to fit your business needs. With one mouse click you can enable or disable selected conditions. So, you can create some "scratch" conditions and enable them anytime you want. Creation process of conditions is easy in use and intuitive. You can find management panel of conditions under "price rules" menu item in your shop.


cart conditions pro

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Cart conditions pro Changelog - informations about updates


- module is ready to work with PrestaShop 1.7.x !



- added new feature to define maximum quantity of product allowed during order process

- added improvements to recently added feature, related to workflow of feature in PrestShop 1.5.x



- added new condition to define minimal quantity of product in cart for selected group of customers

- added information to product page, it shows minimal product quantity (if defined)



- improved back office configuration page

- now you should be able to select groups of customers properly

- due to the changes in the override - this module requires reinstallation



- improvements to multistore configuration

- fixed notificaitons about missed index



- added fixes to admin controllers of the module

- added fixes related to appearance of "cart quantity conditions"



- added improvements to module code to support PrestaShop 1.7

- added fixes related to conditions manager available in shop back office

- fixed problem with "unknow database table"



added feature to define the value of products from selected categories that are necessary to place an order



added feature to "define nb of products in cart" that are required to go through order process



started project on mypresta store