Prestashop Replace "add to cart" with link to page

With this module you can replace standard "add to cart" action on product pages with redirection to some specific url. Each product can have own specific url to external website - you can define such url on product edit page in shop's back office.

Shop version 1.7.x
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Module version 1.3.0
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More info: Prestashop Replace "add to cart" with link to page

As you already know - with this plugin you can replace "add to cart" button on product pages with link to specific url. You can use there external urls to other websites / marketplaces. It's great if you want to promote your offer on amazon, allegro or other popular marketplaces.

add to cart replace with link to page

Configuration page

Configuration process of module is very easy. Module creates special section on each product edit page where you can just type url. If you will fill out this special field with valid url - module will automatically replace product page add to cart button action with link to this specific url. If you want to remove feature - just empty the url field on product edit page and standard "add to cart" process will start to work as it works by default.

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Replace "add to cart" with link to page Changelog - informations about updates


- added new feature to limit module workflow for some specific items only

- you can point products by category, or point exact products

- module will be applicable for these products only

- module is applicable to list of products now (custom themes - prestashop in version 1.7 does not have add to cart button on list of products by default)



- added new feature to replace "add to cart" button text with own text (you can define it on configuration page of module)

- added new feature to hide "quantity" field on product page



- added improvements to save process of url

- added updates checker that checks for module updates automaticall



started project on mypresta addons marketplace


Check online demo

This is demo page of module. You can check module workflow on real product page. Once you will click on "add to cart" button - you will be redirected to specific url defined on configuration of module.