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Modal popup window for product pages - this prestashop module is for you if you want to display popup box on selected product page. You can create as many boxes as you want. You can also define boxes for many products. Popup box will appear only for products for which you defined modal window. 

Shop version 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 2.5.3
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
  • Trusted developer of module Product page popup
  • Support to the module Product page popup
  • Free updates of the module Product page popup
  • Open source - you can edit module code Product page popup
  • Module Product page popup works with PrestaShop 1.6
  • Module Product page popup works with PrestaShop 1.5

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This prestashop module allows you to create modal popup windows on products pages. In these windows you can use any content you want - important notifications, information about promotions related to product etc. With feature like that all informations that you want to convey will be visible. A lot of configuration parameters allow you to create various designs of modal window. Red more information about module below the box.


okno popup prestashop na stronie produktu



Main features of modal popup block for product pages module

Main feature (and most important) of this prestashop addon is possibility to create modal popup block for any product page you want. Modal window will appear only for products for which you create popup. Many additional features allows you to create exact design and contents. Read about them below.


Modal popup window creation process

You as shop owner and adminisratro have got possibility to create as many modal boxes as you want. You can create popup for any product you want too. There is no limitation related to number of popups for each product. No limit = no worries. In addition module has got nice feature (from v.1.2.4) to create buttons on product description fields (or in theme template). When you click on those buttons - you can turn on popup with contents you defined like sizes chart etc. it just means unlimited buttons with popup!


Modal popup window specification

  1. Ability to define "internal" popup name, which will allow for easy distinction created windows while management module in the admin panel. This functionality also allows the use of multiple languages ​​in defining the name of the window.
  2. You can define desktop popup window width param
  3. You can define desktop popup window height param
  4. You can define mobile window width param
  5. You can define mobile popup window height param
  6. You can define tablet popup window width param
    1. You can define tablet popup window height param
    2. You can define different contents for mobile, tablet, desktop version
  7. You can define popup window background color (with easy in use color select tool)
  8. You can define background of overlay (with easy in use color select tool)
  9. You can define overlay opacity (with easy in use slider)
  10. You can define border color (with easy in use color select tool)
  11. You can define size of border (with easy in use slider)
  12. You can define option to display popup block only for logged customers
  13. You can turn on "test mode"  - use this option while you creating popup window. Option allows to display popups without page refreshing.
  14. You can define popup cookie expiry time, it mean that popup will appear after this time once again


Popup content definition

  1. You can define content of your popup with easy in use rich text editor (TinyMCE)
  2. You can also define contents of your popup with simple text editor where you can use your own code (css,js,html etc. )


Configuration of already created popups

You can reconfigure popups that you created before. You have to click on edit button only. Then you will see page where you can edit modal popup specification(click to open picture). Moreover - popups management page allows you to activate / deactivate popups. With one mouse click you can turn on or turn off unwanted popups.

You can remove any popup you want (with the same managment tool)


Buttons with modal popup windows




Module from version is responsive and allows to define different contents for each device type!


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Product page popup Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to language switcher on product edit page



- added updates checker to module



- updated rich text editor generation process

- updated module workflow on 'add new product' page

- updated the way of how languages switcher works



- started to log changes in the module with changelog

- update related to prestashop (rich text editor generation process)