Prestashop Product page content blocks

This module allows you to create content blocks on each product page separately. Addon creates a special tab on product edit page where you can define blocks in most important places (hooks) on product page. With Product page content block module you can define additional contents for your products

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 1.5.9
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Free updates of the module Product page content blocks
  • Open source - you can edit module code Product page content blocks
  • Module Product page content blocks works with PrestaShop 1.7
  • Module Product page content blocks works with PrestaShop 1.6
  • Module Product page content blocks works with PrestaShop 1.5

More info: Prestashop Product page content blocks

This Prestashop module gives you possibility to define as many blocks with own content as you want. This addon gives you possibility to use html, css, js and other browser-side languages (like html5). This addon is great tool for extending product page contents. Read more about this useful plugin below the box.


Product page content blocks



Why Product page content blocks?

Module is great tool to increase your front office usability. Moreover it also extending whole prestashop engine usability. This addon allows to add more informations to each product in your store. Module supports all product page hooks - it mean that you can create blocks almost everywhere on product page. Check where you can add blocks in PrestaShop 1.6


prestashop 1.6 version support product page content blocks prestashop module product page position change block

Prestashop 1.6 supported!

Our modules always work with latest versions of PS engine. Module supports PrestaShop 1.6. The future is today.

Manage your blocks

Just one mouse click to active, remove and edit blocks with excellent AJAX requests. Fast and easy in use!

High usability of user interface

Very easy in use and well designed back office of module. Add, edit and manage

product page blocks easily!

  product page block html js css   full featured tinymce editor   product page content blocks multilanguage

Extended tinyMCE editor

Module allows to use all browser-side languages like html, js, css, html5 etc. Create outstanding blocks!

 Extended tinyMCE editor

Addon has got full featured tinyMCE editor. It's an extended version of editor with many additional options

 Multi language support

Module allows to create contents in various languages. You can translate each block for all languages available in your store




Module features

Main feature of prestashop product page content blocks module is possibility to create content blocks on selected product page. Module creates "product blocks" tab on each product edit page in your back office. There you can define blocks for product.


Module specification - available places

Module supports all available product page hooks like:

  1. productFooter - displayed between top section of product (pictures, add to cart) and more info tabs
  2. displayHeader - this is position where js / css / script codes are loaded - at the top of the window screen
  3. displayTop - this is hook where the wide top menu appears
  4. dispalyFooter - this is the hook that is visible at the bottom of the screen
  5. productTab - to define new tab like "more info", "features" etc.
  6. productTabContents - to define new tab contents
  7. ProductActions - place where add to cart button appears
  8. extraLeft - place where extra links appears like "print", "share on facebook"
  9. extraRight - this hook appears on the right hand side of extraLeft block
  10. productOutOfStock - this hook appears when product is out of stock, near the product attributes and quantity field
  11. displayProductDeliveryTime  - Position that is available below the short description of product (prestashop 1.6.x)
  12. displayLeftColumnProdut  - this is hook equal to extraLeft PrestaShop 1.6.x
  13. displayRightColumnProduct  - this is hook equal to extraRight w PrestaShop 1.6.x
  14. displayBanner - Position available at the top of page where the wide banner appears (prestashop 1.6.x)
  15. displayProductButtons - this is hook quatl to productActions hook, but for PrestaShop 1.6.x
  16. dispalyTopColumn  - position where the slider appears, below the top menu in PrestaShop 1.6.x
  17. displayNav - Position visible at the very top of the page in PrestaShop 1.6.x
  18. displayNav1 - this is hook that appears on the left hand side of top bar (prestashop 1.7.x)
  19. displayNav2 - this is hook that appears on the right hand side of the top bar (prestashop 1.7.x)
  20. displayReassurance - this is position that appears below the add to cart button  (prestashop 1.7.x)
  21. displayAfterProductThumbs - this is hook that is visible below the product pictures (prestashop 1.7.x)
  22. displayProductAdditionalInfo - this is position that is visible below the add to cart button (prestashop 1.7.x.)
  23. actionProductAutOfStock - this is position that is visible when product is out of stock in "description" tab of the product (prestashop 1.7.x)
  24. displayBeforeBodyClosingTab - this is position visible at the end of website, right before body closing tag (prestashop 1.7.x)
  25. displayFooterBefore - this is the position visible right before the footer section (prestashop 1.7.x)


Positions screenshots

  1. check blog post about availability of hooks for product pages in prestaShop 1.7.x
  2. check  available positions in PrestaShop 1.6.x


Block settings - check image

You can select hook where you want to dispaly block

You can easily define block position (with easy in use drag n drop tool)

You can easily delete block

You can easily open block edit page

You can temporary disable block

You can define internal block name (multilanguage tool)

You can define block contents (multilanguage tool)

You can use extended tinyMCE editor to define block contents.

Possibility   to display block also on other product pages that are associated with selected categories

Usage examples of module: Prestashop Product page content blocks

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Module reviews: Prestashop Product page content blocks

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Product page content blocks Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to save process of content blocks (in prestashop 1.7.x)



- added improvements related to module support of prestashop 1.7.5.x



- added support of position displayProductPriceBlock, in type of price = 'price' (right below the price of product)



- added improvements to environments where the admin of the shop has employees with restricted access to modules


- added support of new hooks displayLeftColumnProduct, displayRightColumnProduct

- improved fancybox feature



- added improvements to module workflow with extra tabs pro module



- added feature to check availability of the module updates: both automatically and manually

- added improvements to module design (add button) in PrestaShop 1.6.x



- added fixes to installation process of database



- large update of module is available

- module fully supports prestashop 1.7.x

- changed the workflow of the module both for prestashop 1.5.x, 1.6.x

- added support of new hooks for PrestaShop 1.5.x / 1.6.x / 1.7.x



- started to log changes in the module with this changelog

- improved module workflow in PrestaShop and above this version

- fixed rich text editor for new versions of 1.6.x

Check online demo

on this demo product page you can find several blocks created with this module. They are highlighted (red, black background blocks)

To login to shop back office please use credentials below. Then go to catalog > products and open product edit page. You can find there tab related to this module (it is called "product page content blocks")

login: [email protected]
password: demodemo