Prestashop Product list attributes (combinations)

With this PrestaShop module you can display all available product combinations directly on list of products. So, with this feature customer can add selected variant of product to cart directly from list of products (product-list.tpl). Module allows to customize appearance settings.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x
Available translations
Module version 1.8.9
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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More info: Prestashop Product list attributes (combinations)

Main idea of this PrestaShop module is a feature to dispaly list of all available attributes (product combinations) directly on products listings like category view, search results, manufacturers' products etc. In simple words - this plugin will display product combinations there where the list of product appears. Addon has several appearance options, so you can configure it to display informations you want.


product list attributes prestashop


Main features in the module

Main and the most important feature of the module is a possibility to display list of available product variations (combinations) on each listing of product. Each available option in the module is strictly related to this feature. So, below i will describe options available in the module. You can also display this module for products that do not have combinations - then it will display quantity field with add to cart button.


Appearance of table with attributes (combinations)

  1. You can enable / disable dropdown feature (display attributes inside dropdown list)
  2. You can eanble / disable feature to display combinations inside modal popup window (after pressing button "show product variants")
  3. You can enable or disable feature to automatically disable popup when customer will add product to cart
  4. You can enable / disable option to hide out of stock combinations
  5. You can hide selected combinations (created with defined attributes) on selected category pages
  6. You can enable / disable appearance of price
  7. You can enable / disable "color" column - it will show color attributes of combination
  8. If your combination will be discounted (dropped price) you can show original price (it will be striked to accent the discount)
  9. You can decide what kind of price you want to show (tax included / tax excluded)
  10. You can enable or disable feature that allows to "add to cart"
  11. You can enable or disable column with combination name (for example Size: s, color: red)
  12. You can enable or disable column with combination reference
  13. You can enable or disable column with combination barcode (ean13)
  14. You can enable or disable column with combination barcode (upc)
  15. You can enable or disable column with current combination's stock
  16. You can define additional description of attributes used in combination
  17. You can display or hide addition description of attributes
  18. You can decide what kind of add to cart process you want to turn on (AJAX cart or standard add to cart)
  19. You can enable or disable quantity field where customer decide what will be the quantity of product
  20. You can define default value of quantity field
  21. You can enable or disable appearance of product combination's picture
  22. You can select the size (type) of product image that module will show
  23. You can define description of attributes and show it in table
  24. You can enable option to add combinations to cart in bulk (one button to add all selected combinations to cart)
  25. you can display module for selected products only

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Product list attributes (combinations) Changelog - informations about updates


- added new feature to hide combinations created with selected attributes

- this visibility condition can be added to selected category pages (module will hide combinations on browsed category pages)

- to use new feature it is required to reinstall the module in shop's back office



- added improvements to module's updates checker feature to avoid ajax search problems in shop's back office



- added improvements to feature that displays attributes, from now it is sorted in the way the attributes are sorted in back office

- added improvements to display color feature. If combination has no color module will show now "-" instead just empty space



- added improvements to Polish translations package

- added improvements to updates checker engine



- added improvements to module code related to prices that it displays, especially if you have several currencies in shop



- added feature to decide what price module will show, now besides "tax included" and "tax excluded" you can select "settings of groups". Module will use price type defined for group of currently logged customer (or visitor)



- added improvements to support of prestashop 1.7.5



- added improvements to module js files to avoid conflict with angartheme in PrestaShop 1.7


- added improvements to recently added feature to display module for products associated with selected category(ies)



- added feature to hide price for unlogged users



- added feature to display module for products associated with selected categories



- redesigned module configuration page

- added feature to define visibility conditions, now module can be attached to selected products only



- added feature to display "color" column

- if combination will be based on color attribute module can create separated column with color / texture background

- added improvements to back office configuration page to optimize configuration experience



- added feature to show combnanations' stock on list of combinatons.
- feature when enabled will create new column in table named "stock" that will show current available quantity of product's combinations



- added fixes related to attribute group name - now it uses public name instead of private



- added mising option to do not control the quantity if we want to allow to order out of stock products (for prestashop 1.6.x - version dedicated for prestashop 1.7.x already has this option)



- added css improvements to buttons

- removed unnecessary texts from module configuration page in prestashop 1.7



- added improvements to module's javascript workflow (especially related to popup feature)



- added option to dispaly default product image for combination if combination will not have an associated image



- added missed translations for Polish language pack

- fixed Polish language pack file

- improved module presence in PrestaShop 1.7.x (in default displayProductListReviews hook)



- added feature to decide if module will show attribute label in column "combination name"

- Option when enabled will show combination in this way: Color: green, Material: cotton
- Option when disabled will show combination in this way: green, cotton



- added new feature to manually define default quantity value

- added new feature to disable popup with combinations matrix automatically after pressing "add to cart"



- from now popup contents are loaded dynamically 

- added seo improvements to  tag (now it has width and height params)



- added option to enable or disable feature that allows or disallows increase quantity field value above current product combination's stock (nb of items)



- added improvements to feature to hide table / button to spawn popup / dropdown when product does not have combinations

- added improvements to table design, now table heading is not duplicated



- You can show combinations inside modal popup window that will be spawned when customer will press on "show product variants" button

- You can enable feature to show headings for columns (to identify what kind of data columns shows)

- You can enable or disable column with combination reference

- You can enable or disable column with combination barcode (ean13)

- You can enable or disable column with combination barcode (upc)



- added feature to decide if you want to show original price (if product has reduction). Module will display price striked - to accent the discount



- updated polish translation of the module

- added feature that allows to display price type label near the price (tax incl / tax excl)



- added improvements to module usage with block layered navigation in prestashop 1.6.x

- added improvements to css styles (out of stock combination is grayed out now)

- updated script file of module



- added improvements to add to cart process in PrestaShop 1.7.x



- improved the design of quantity field, increase and decrease quantity buttons and add to cart button



- added imrpovements to module workflow in prestashop 1.5.8



- added feature to hide out of stock combinations

- added design improvements for PrestaShop 1.7.x



- added possibility to display or hide column with combination name

- improved the module code related to updates checker

- added fixes related to "add to cart in bulk" option - now button appears inside dropdown feature (if enabled)

- improved the design of "show more variants" button (dropdown effect)


1.5.4 / 1.5.5

- added feature to enable dropdown effect

- with dropdown effect module will show button "show available variants"

- clicking on button will show available product's combinations



- improvements related to module workflow

- fixed problem with product comparison page



- added improvements to increase / descrease quantity with [+] and [-] buttons



- added option to "add to cart" in bulk

- this option allows to quickly add all selected combinations to cart with one "add to cart" button

- added minor improvements to javascript code

- module controls the quantities, if customer will try to put more products to cart than you've got in stock - module will not allow this and replace value of quantity in input field

- module supports PrestaShop 1.7 now! 

- warning: module in version 1.7 requires hook execution {hook h="displayProductDeliveryTime" product=$product} in templates/catalog/partials/miniatures/product.tpl



- added option that allows to define short description about attribute, 

- short description about attribute will appear near the attribute information inside attributes table

- after save the module changes - module clear own cache properly so changes are visible immediately



- added feature to display table also if product does not have combinations (them module will display quantity field and add to cart button)

- translation fixes



- changed module code to meet psr-2 standards



- added feature to select image type (good for themes that do not use standard image types)



- added feature that allows to shop combination image



- started project on mypresta addons marketplace