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This addon gives possibility to assign features to each combination of product individually. This easy in use tool has features to support multi-features, this means that combination can have several values of the feature. Module creates intuitive section on product edit page (in modules section) in shop's back office where you can assign and manage features to combinations.

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Module version 1.0.0
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As you already know - main feature of this prestashop addon is possibility to assign features to products' combinations. Each product and its various combinations can have different set of associated features. Moreover - you can assign several the same features with different values. This is feature called "multi-features". 

features to combinations

Back office of the module
Module creates special section on product edit page under "modules" section. There you can find list with all available product combinations where you can quickly assign features to each combination individually. Just search for feature (feature name or feature value) and module will automatically display suggestions list where you can select specific feature that you want to assign to combination.

combinations features in back office

Product page in shop's front office
When your customer will switch combination (by selecting new attribute) - module will automatically load new set of features and display them for customer in section where default features list appears. Whole process is automatic and module loads these features immediately, without any delay.

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