Prestashop Popup Slider

Popup slider is a PrestaShop slideshow module, which displays nice and animated slideshow for your shop guests . Module will display slideshow in popup box only when guests are in your shop for the first time, but you can define popup redisplay time. You can add into popup slider unlimited numbers of images.

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  • Module Popup Slider works with PrestaShop 1.6
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  • Module Popup Slider works with PrestaShop 1.5

More info: Prestashop Popup Slider

As we say popup slider is a module which displays nice animated slider in popup box for new shop guests.  You can check how it looks in photo gallery on the right. With module you can display unlimited number of slides (images) and you can redirect users to any page after they click on any slider image. This module is great tool for focus guests on special offers in your shop or to advertise some other products / sites / services.


PrestaShop Popup slider module


Popup slider module main features

Most important features

  • Main and most important feature of this module is createing a popup slider
  • You can add any advertise into slider as an image
  • You can redirect users to any site right after clicking on each image slide


Module configuration specification

  • You can set up popup redisplay time, after which guest will be treated as new - and popup will be displayed
  • You can run the "Test mode" - in which the slider popup will be displayed with each entry on the page. This useful feature allows you to test the appearance of the slider or advertising
  • You can change popup window width
  • You can change popup window height
  • You can define main background color of window (overlay)
  • You can define main background transparency
  • You can define popup background color
  • You can define border size of popup
  • You can define border color of popup
  • Possibility to display slides in random order
  • Possibility to turn on "autoplay"
  • Possibility to hide prev/next buttons
  • You will see any your change on live-preview box without configuration site refreshing
  • Module works with multistore feature, which mean that you can add different image banners for each shop. It also means that you can configure different slider design for each shop


Zarządzanie slajdami w sliderze

  • You can add unlimited number of slides (images)
  • You can add to each slide a redirection to URL action
  • You can delete any slide (image) from popup slider in any moment you want
  • You can define slides (images) order in popup slider
  • You can preview the slides (images) in popup slider

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