Prestashop Customer Photo Gallery

Customer Photo Gallery is a PrestaShop module which allows you to create a gallery page with photos and videos in your shop. Your customers and website guests can add own photos to gallery and view other pictures added by other users. With this great feature you can create awesome user interaction tool in your shop.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
Available translations
Module version 3.0.7
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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  • Open source - you can edit module code Customer Photo Gallery
  • Module Customer Photo Gallery works with PrestaShop 1.7
  • Module Customer Photo Gallery works with PrestaShop 1.6
  • Module Customer Photo Gallery works with PrestaShop 1.5

More info: Prestashop Customer Photo Gallery

Customer Photo Galerry is a PrestaShop module which allows you to create a phots gallery in your shop. Module also allows to create video gallery. Each gallery can have a voting system. Your customers and shop website guests can add own photos to gallery and view other pictures added by other users. This great feature increases your shop usability and create new way to interaction with customers and guests. 


customer photos gallery prestashop


With this module you can create separate galleries of customers photos both for products and other stuff. You can read more about module specification below:



Customer Photo Gallery main features:

Feature for admin:

  • Admin can set up all of important settings of module
  • Admin can turn on uploading photos for products (all of product photos will be shown on product page and in main gallery page)
  • Enable or disable upload box for unlogged guests
  • Enable or disable file upload box both for logged and unlogged guests
  • Set up accepted image filetypes. You can accept or decline the most important image file extensions
  • You can set up the max file size (for safety and best performance)
  • Set up the size of thumbnail (width and height in pixels)
  • Set up where you want to display gallery page button
  • Turn On / Off email notification when someone upload new picture
  • Create categories for photos 
  • Add / delete categories 
  • Change categories of photos 
  • Upload own photos 
  • Security patch 
  • Possibility to regenerate thumbnails
  • Possibility to grant coupon for picture upload
  • Possibility to turn on / off gallery video
  • Possibility to turn on / off voting system (customers can rate photos / videos)
  • Possibility to turn on / off contest feature. If enabled - Photos will be sorted by "rate" (descending)


Voting feature

  • You can enable photo voting
  • You can enable video voting
  • You can allow non-logged customers to vote
  • You can deny non-logged customers to vote


Admin can set up the positions of module blocks

  • You can display "homepage photos feed"
  • You can define number of products that will appear on homepage
  • You can define sort method (random order, by rate, by votes nb, by add date)
  • Enable or disable module block with product photos in product footer section
  • Enable or disable module block with product photos in product information tabs
  • Manage links for logged customers
  • Input admin link for customers in "My account" block
  • Input admin link for customers in "My account" section

Admin can manage photos

  • Any uploaded photo must be accepted by admin of the shop in module back office
  • Admin can zoom for any photos
  • Admin can decline photos
  • Admin can edit the photo specification (title etc.)
  • Admin can delete photos


Feature for customers:

  • Customers can upload product photos both for logged and unlogged guests
  • Customers can manage own uploaded photos
  • Customers can delete uploaded phoros
  • More fun and features for customers
  • Customer can receive coupon code for uploaded picture


Safe upload form

Since the 1.3.1 version the safe upload form is available. We added filetype checker, which mean that this gallery module disallow to upload unwanted file types (files other than picutre)


Usage examples of module: Prestashop Customer Photo Gallery

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Customer Photo Gallery Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to module appearance in tabs section in prestashop 1.7.x



- added improvements to module updates checker feature



- added improvements dedicated for PrestaShop 1.6.x related to path to pictures' thumbnails

- improved the voucher settings form, it has new options now

- you can select the characters that module will use to generate voucher code (numerc, alpha, alphanumeric)

- added feature to selected group of customers - module will generate voucher code only for these groups



- added improvements dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7.x, it returns correct path to images



- added feature to enable or disable possibility for customers to remove own pictures / videos



- added translations for new features

- improved layout of the pictures and videos (better support of responsivenes of bootstrap)



- added improvements to module code to identify logged and unlogged customers

- added feature to enable / disable feature to show gallery categories on gallery page

- added videos to homepage (visible when you will activate the feed of gallery on homepage)

- added upload forms to homepage feeds (both pictures and videos)



- module is ready to work with prestashop 1.7



- added feature to select stars type (design) for voting purposes

- added improvements to voting feature, stars shows grade value when you will hover mouse over it



- added improvements to pictures movement between products



- added feature to enable or disable next / previous buttons to switch to other picture



- removed unnecessary files (rest of files related to 1.4.x version support)

- added new voucher generator library, it generates coupon codes associated with customer account

- added new updates checker system



- added improvements to trusted.js module file that allows to install it on cloud service



- added improvements to sql queries

- removed "notifications" abount not identified variables

- changed the design of back office configuration page

- updated updates checker system



- added feature to display pictures feed on homeage

- possibility to define nb of products for homepage feed

- possibility to define sorting method of homepage pictures feed (random pictures, by vote nb, by rate, by add date)



- added new feature related to coupons generation process

- now you can decide if coupon generated with photo upload will be available only in shop where picture was uploaded, or also in other shops (based on multistore feature)

- added "back to my account" and "back to home" buttons on "my videos" and "my photos" pages (available in customers account section)



- added improvements to voucher settings (voucher for picture upload)

- added possibility to define rule containing restrictions related to suppliers

- added improvements to voucher generation process

- added explanation tips to module configuration page

- added to tool that allows to check module updates directly from module configuration page

- added missed translations

- added improvements to cart rule generation process with selected option "uncombinable with other cart rules"

- module generated voucher code that is uncombinable with other cart rules properly

- added new section in customer account "my account" section: manage videos

- added new section in "footer" section with new link to manage videos

- now customers have possibility to manage uploaded videos

- you can manage videos associations with customers directly from videos in shop back office

- cleaned up module directory

- changed module code to meet psr-2 standards



- added "contest" feature under "votes" section

- this "contest" option allows to sort photos by rating (descending)

- you will see rates in shop back office

- new "updates" menu on module configuartion page where you can:
- check updates of the module

- enable / disable notifications



added feature to notify you about available module upgrades

added fixes to voting system



feature to define carriers restriction for voucher code



  • feature to enable or disable voting for unlogged customers
  • translations update



front office appearance improvements for bootstrap templates

possibility to add videos by customers (youtube videos)

videos must be moderated before publication



dodane zostało pole wyświetlające autora zdjęcia w back office

poprawki do działania strony konfiguracyjnej kupony rabatowe

poprawki do procesu generowania kuponów w PrestaShop 1.4.x

  - zaktualizowany system generowania kuponów, odtąd definiowanie "darmowych produktów" jest łatwiejsze - wprowadzona została lepsza wyszukiwarka produktów

  1. 2.3 - start logowania zmian w module (zgłaszaliście wielokrotnie chęć uzyskania dostępu do changeloga)


Check online demo

On the demo page you can upload files directly to gallery, and also on product pages to products. Module is configured to allow upload pictures for unlogged customers.

You can also check working stores where this module is installed and used: example 1 lub example 2

You can log in as employee, then go to modules > modules and open "customers gallery" configuration page. You can manage uploaded photos there. To log in use credentials:
login: [email protected]
password: demodemo