Prestashop Accessories on list of products

With this absolutely free module you can show accessories on list of products near each product. Addon will display associated accessories near each product on pages like categories, search results, manufacturers, homepage featured products etc.

Shop version 1.7.x
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Module version 1.2.1
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

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We created this module to increase usability of your shop's list of products. With this free addon for PrestaShop you can create and display associated accessories of products' on products listings like search results, category products listing, manufacturer's products, supplier's products, featured products on homepage. Simply saying - everywhere where shop displays list of products.



Module managements and its features

Module is plug and play addon. It is enough to just install it and it will automatically create an accessories list near each product that have accessories. To display list of accessories module will use default prestashop's feature to associate other products with product that you currently edit (so option is available on product edit page). Module has also great feature to solve popular PrestaShop's issue related to usage of displayProductListReviews hook. When you use it in classic theme - the list of products does not show list of products properly. With feature to "fix productListReviews hook" - you can solve the issue quickly.


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Accessories on list of products Changelog - informations about updates


- added improvements to updates checker 



- added donation button

- added fix to updates checker feature to avoid fatal error while module checks for updates



- added feature to automatically check for module's updates

- added feature to fix classic theme bug (usage of displayProductListReviews)



- started project on addons marketplace

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