Prestashop Export products to Delcampe Lister

Delcampe is a website where you as a merchant can find suitable environment for selling of collectibles. Delcampe is above all a site for collectors designed by collectors.... This is the key to its success! With this module you can export your shop's products to Delcampe Lister.

Shop version 8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x PrestaShop 8.0 support Yes :-)
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Module version 1.4.2
Works with ThirtyBees Yes
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As i already mentioned the Delcampe website is a great on-line website where you as a merchant can find suitable environment for selling of collectibles. This addon gives possibility to quickly sell products from your shop on Delcampe website.

The Delcampe Lister is one of the selling methods used by Delcampe. It has been specifically designed to allow to import a large number of items and put them up for sale quickly. This module generates a csv file that is ready to work with Delcampe Lister.

delcampe lister import products from prestashop

File formatted to support delcampe lister

As a result of module usage you will get a csv file with list of products from your shop. Csv file will be formatted properly, with usage of delcampe requirements which is very specific. Delcame lister requires very restrictive construction of CSV file, order of datasets and specific format of included informations.

  • category_id category identifier - number corresponding to category number
  • title - item title Max. 120 characters (no html) 
  • description - the item description may contain html
  • personal_reference your personal reference (classification, order number...) Max. 20 characters
  • currency the currency for the item (please note that the currency must match the national site

    chosen, e.g. EUR for France and Belgium, CHF for Switzerland, CAD for Canada) EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD or AUD

  • selling_type  ‘bid’ to auction it or ‘fixed_price’ for a fixed price sale
  • price sale price or the starting price Min 0.01/max 999999
  • initial_quantity the quantity of items available - in the case of fixed price. Leave it empty in the case of an auction sale Min 1/max 50000
  • minimum_bid_step auction increment empty for ‘fixed price’
  • renew_duration - the renewal duration 7, 10, 14, 21, 28 
  • renew_total_count - the number of renewals (99 means ‘until item sold’) 0, 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 10, 99
  • shipping_model - your fee template exact name (be careful with upper and lower cases)
  • weight  -  a weight only if you have a weight-based fee template. Otherwise leave it empty.
  • lister_sale_end_time - the sale end time
  • lister_sale_end_day - the number corresponding to the sale end day. The sale end day will be the day specified by the number together with the renewal duration. 0 = not important, 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday, 7 = Sunday
  • option_last_minute_extension -  option 'Last-minute extension'. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • option_anonymous_buyer - option 'Private Sale'. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • option_strong_title - option 'Bold title'. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • option_background_color - option 'Color background'. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • option_border_color -  option 'Color border'. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • option_list_promotion - option ‘Highlighting’. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • option_homepage_promotion - option ‘Item on the homepage’. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • has_renewable_options - Keep the options in case of renewal. Select Y (yes) or N (no)
  • images - Indicate image location (up to 99 images) url path to images of product

Available configuration options
Module offers for every merchant many configuration options where you can easily control what products will be exactly exported. During configuration process of export form you can define options like:

  • Filter products by date
    if you expect to export products created in your shop during specific time-frame you can activate this option and point start/end dates
  • Language
    You can point language version (translations) of products that will be exported. Feed will contain datasets in defined language
  • Products's availability
    Plugin gives possibility to export all products (active and non-active) or only active products
  • Product Manufacturer
    You can export products from selected brand (manufacturer)
  • Product Supplier
    You can export products from selected supplier
  • Product Categories
    You can point categories that will be exported. Module will export products that are associated with category(ies) you will point
  • Price type 

    You can choose if you want to export the price with or without tax.

  • Increase price
    You can increase prices of products in the feed by defained percentage value
  • Limit number of products in feed
    Set the number of products in the feed. Option is useful for hosting accounts with limited resources (to generate feed with large number of products you need enough resources, if you do not have good hosting account - you can split one large feed into several small parts). If you do not want to create such limit - leave this field empty or fill it with 0

delcampe export options

delcampe import products from categories

Export settings specific for delcampe platform

In addition to being able to decide what will be exported during configuration of the module, you can also decide about settings that are specific for delcampe platform (where you for example decide about some paid options available on delcampe to activate).

Each product on Delcampe is associated with some specific category. Each category is given a number. This number will be useful when working on your Excel and CSV files. Module gives possibility to assign category_id number individually for each product available in shop. On product edit page you can find new input field to define product's category_id based on delcampe's categorization of products.

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Export products to Delcampe Lister Changelog - informations about updates


- added possibility to export products from:

- selected category (where module checks all associations with categorties)

- selected category but module checks only the main category of product



- updated order of columns to make it work with delcame lister v4.0 requirements



- improved export process of prices in non-default currency



- added improvements to export process of url to images, delcampe does not allow to use special characters in the url so module removes (replaces with valid characters) them all



- improved export process of weight (required in grams by delcampe)



- started project on mypresta addons marketplace