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Login protection pro module for PrestaShop protects shop and your customers accounts from brute-force attacks related to hackers activity. Addon automatically blocks suspected login attempts and has a feature to ban ip addresses that are responsible for these attacks. 

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
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Module version 1.2.1
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The main and most important feature of this module to protect customers in your shop is to defend againts attacks and hack attempts to get the access to customers accounts. Module identifies suspicious activity and blocks them immediately - including IP address ban. So in effect blocked addresses will not have possiiblity to log in or visit your website anymore. Details about the module and available features you can find below


 login protection sheriff pro


The addon is a new better defence system like login scheriff module. It will secure your shop and your customers' accounts. This module does things like:

  • Analysis of the traffic in your shop in the context of suspicious login attempts
  • Protects your customers' data
  • Protects your shop agains brute-force attackts and suspicious login process
  • Blocks (ban) IP addresses
  • Sends notifications to shop admin with information about new blocked IP addresses
  • Allows to temporarily disable customer account from login process
  • Sends notification to the customer about the actions taken to protect customer account (for exmaple like google does)


Configuration features

As a shop owner you can decide how module will work and how sensitivite it will be for suspicious activite in your online shop.

  • You've got ability to define the login frequency, after defined number of login attempts module will start to protect the shop based on selected defence actions
  • You've got ability to define a time frame, module will analyse trafic for defined time-frame (last XX minutes)


Define what to do at the time of the identification of the suspicious actions.

Block IP address

  • Temporarily disable customer account
  • Block possibility to log in as a customer for selcted IP address
  • Send an email to shop owner with information about blocked IP
  • Send an email to customer with information about protection (the same as google or facebook does)

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Login protection pro Changelog - informations about updates


- updated email translation templates to support Polish language, Deutsh (German) language



- added feature to check availability of module updates and inform about updates



- released version that supports PrestaShop 1.7.x



- new project on addons marketplace released

- module is ready to work with PrestaShop 1.6.x