Prestashop Internal, custom product fields

With this module you can create unlimited number of product internal fields that will be available to edit on each product edit page in your shop's back office. This addon is an easiest way to create custom text fields for all products.

Shop version 8.x, 1.7.x PrestaShop 8.0 support Yes :-)
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Module version 1.5.4
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As we already mentioned with this addon you can easily create new editable fields that will appear on product edit pages. Module does not have any limits related to number of available custom internal fields - so in fact you can create as much new fields as you want. After module installation this plugin will create its configuration page where you can check for updates + new section under "catalog" menu to "create new product fields". There you can manage them: create new, edit existing and activate or deactivate them.

internal product custom fields product edit page

Management of new fields
After module installation you will get new menu item under "catalog" section in your shop's back office. Module will create there section to manage custom internal product fields. So - it is a main section of module's configuration. All fields created here will appear on all products' edit pages in your shop. 

Edit new custom fields' values for each product individually
Your custom internal product fields can have different values for each product in your shop. Module will store these values in its database (table in shop's databse). This brings possibility to save values individually for each product and each shop in your multistore environment.

Position of your internal product fields

During management process of your custom field you can decide where on product edit page this custom internal product field will appear. You can select one from several positions like:

  • top section right hand side column
  • bottom part of right hand side column
  • left hand side column above product images form
  • left hand side column below product images form (above product summary)
  • ...

Shortcodes to display custom fields values in shop's front office
You can use shortcodes to display values of your custom internal fields on product pages. Shortcodes are applicable to all .tpl files used on product pages + it gives you possibility to use it (shortcode) also in products descriptions on product edit page. Each time module will find such shortcode - this shortcode will be replaced with internal custom field value for viewed product. Wow!

Various types of field types
Module supports several types of custom fields. You can create simple text field where you can input any type of text. You can create custom field that gives possibility to select "Yes" or "No" value.

Support of PDF files

You expect to show custom field value in ANY pdf file where the list of products appear ? Like invoide or delivery slip etc?

You can use shortcode like: {aipf::returnCustomField('shortcode', id_product)} where the shortcode is a shortcode name and id_product is an id of product. Module will replace this code with exact custom field value for this specific product.

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Internal, custom product fields Changelog - informations about updates


- changed the type of text fields from STRING to NOTHING - thanks to this field can store html code now



- added support of shortcodes in pdf files. 



- added improvements to appearance of custom fields on product pages (especially custom field "switch" yes/no)



- fixed problems with product identification, from now variables (custom fields) are asigned properly



- improved appearance of shortcodes in ajaxDie function that is used to generate contents dynamically



- added new custom field type: yes/no switch



- added shortcodes feature

- thanks to this you can now display your custom fields values on your shop's front office on product pages

- shortcode is applicable to descriptions and .tpl files of product page



- added feature to decide about position of custom internal product field

- you can decide where on product edit page your custom field will appear

- you can do it individually for each custom filed



- released stable version that is ready to work in prestashop 8.x



- started project on mypresta addons marketplace

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