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This module gives you possibility to quickly duplicate Cms page created under improve > design > pages section in your shop's back office. Module duplicate entire page, including: name, description, meta title, meta description, meta keywords, friendly url, page content, indexation by search engines and "active" parameter.

Shop version 8.x, 1.7.x PrestaShop 8.0 support Yes :-)
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Module version 1.2.1
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  • Module Duplicate CMS page works with PrestaShop 1.7
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Addon implements new tools to CMS management pages in shop's back office to duplicate CMS pages and quickly manage its contents with "search and replace" tool. Module creates new menu items for each cms page listed under design > pages (in prestashop 1.7 / 8.0 but it also supports prestashop in version 1.6.x).

duplicate cms page contents

Main feature of the module - duplicate cms page

As we already mentioned near each of cms page on list of cms pages in shop's back office (design > pages) you will see new menu items. One of the positions that module creates there is "duplicate" and it duplicates selected cms page. Once you will click on it - you will see popup window where module asks if you for sure want to duplicate selected cms page:

confirm duplicate cms page

there are two possible selections:

  1. if you will Cancel duplication - you popup will disappear and you will be able to manage cms pages
  2. if you will confirm duplication by clicking on "Duplicate" - you will duplicate selected cms page and list of cms pages will be refreshed

Subfeature - search and replace tool
One from an additional features available in the module is possibility to perform "search and replace" action on selected cms page fields. New menu item is also created near each cms page listed under design > pages section. Fields that are a subject of search and replace tool are listed below (This tool supports multilanguage fields and pefrorm search and replace functions for all languages)

  • head_seo_title,
  • meta_title,
  • meta_description,
  • meta_keywords,
  • contens

Usage examples of module: Prestashop Duplicate CMS page

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Duplicate CMS page Changelog - informations about updates


  • added improvements to module workflow in prestashop 1.7.7.x


  •  fixed appearance and module workflow in old prestashop relases 1.7.2.x and old php releases 5.x/7.x



  • added new feature to "search and replace"
  • from now you can search for selected keywords within cms page contents and replace it with some new value
  • fields that are subject of "search and replace" tool:
    • head_seo_title,
    • meta_title,
    • meta_description,
    • meta_keywords,
    • content



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