Prestashop Database Optimization

Your store is slow? You don't know what to do? This modue may be solution! This free prestashop addon removes all unwanted informations from database. Speed up your store, clean your store database for free.

Shop version 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x
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Module version 1.3.1
Works with ThirtyBees Yes

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This module is great tool to clean up store database. Use this free addon and decrease your website load time. How it works? PrestaShop store a lot of unnecessary informations in database, this module allows to clean all unwanted informations, like abandoned carts, connections informations, guests informations etc. Remember that it removing stats. Sometimes these tables have got a lot of informations, just clean them with this free addon!


prestashop database optimization speed up store


What module deteles?
With this module you can clean up database and increase shop performance. Cleaned up tables in the database sometimes are very large (especially if you have many visits). Because of this - large size of these tables can affect the performance of the shop. This module helps you to solve the problem because it cleans up larde database entries related to:

- Unwanted carts
- Connection informations (stats related to visitors)
- Connections informations related to viewed pages and page types
- Connections informations related to source of the visits
- Information about shop visitors / guests


PrestaShop Database Optimization Pro This is extended version of free database optimization module for PrestaShop. The main difference is fact that this version allows to run database cleanup regularly with cron Jobs. You don't have to manually clean up databse anymore, this module - thanks to cron job support feature - will do the job automatically.
If you are interested in automatic database clean up you can try extended version: database optimization pro .
Pro version of addon allows to clean up database with cron job and remove entries that are older than defined number of days

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Database Optimization Changelog - informations about updates


- major update of the module

- module fully supports prestashop 1.6

- module fully supports prestashop 1.7

- module is coded with psr-2 coding standards now

- started to log changes in the module with this changelog

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