Install product list attributes on own hosting

Installation process of this module to display attributes table on product listing pages on own hosting is exactly the same as installation of other modules. Whole process is very easy and you dont have to be tech-savvy to install this addon.

Installation guide of MyPresta modules

  1. go to "my orders" section and download recent version of productl ist attributes (combinations) addon
  2. log in to your shop back office
  3. go to modules > modules section
  4. hit on "add new module" button
  5. upload previously downloaded library (
  6. after page refresh, scroll page down or search for "product list attributes" module
  7. hit "install" button

install product list combinations / attributes module

Video guide

Please note that this installation instructions are related to other module, but you can install product list attributes module in the same way. It is just universal way to install modules. Especially modules from MyPresta - our modules do not require advanced installation / modification process. Just follow the steps and during "upload" use file (module library downloaded from my orders section).