Prestashop Facebook app wishlist

If you want, we can create a Facebook app to our module wishlist. This service is for you if you don't have a Facebook Developer Account or if you don't want to be verified by Facebook Team via phone or credit card (You must be verified! this is the only way to create own Facebook apps)

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24.99 €

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Service description: Prestashop Facebook app wishlist

As we say - we can create a Facebook Application which will compatibile with our Facebook Wishlist module. This service is aimed at people who don't have Facebook Developer Account or who doesn't want to be verified by Facebook team via phone or credit card. Without verification process you can't create apps. We are Facebook developers and we are verified. So we can create own Facebook Apps, and create app for you.


This service is a comprehensive creation of a running Facebook Wishlist Application

(configuring basics and open graph protocol, creation of design including creation of images and banners for app center, creation of terms of service, privacy policy and send request to Facebook team for verification of your app)


Facebook Wishlist App