Prestashop Moving to other directory

If you want to move your shop based on PrestaShop engine to other directory in your domain / web service - we can do it for you. This service is also for you when you've got troubles with this difficult and complicated process . Our service Moving PrestaShop to other directory is complex and reliable.

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69.99 €

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Service description: Prestashop Moving to other directory

As we say we can help you with moving shop to other directory located on your web service. Moving prestashop to other directory process is difficult and complicated, so you need to be the expert of PrestaShop. Moreover - each version of shop requires a slightly different approach, requires other methods and other tools. We are professionals, so the whole process of moving the shop we made quickly and efficiently.


prestashop moving shop to other directory


Moving prestashop to other directory service specification:

  1. we move your shop to other directory. For example, we can move your shop from to or other 
  2. we move all of data in your shop including products, pictures, clients database, order database, etc.
  3. we use only our special tool for accelerate moving process
  4. we always do backups, both for your shop, and for your database - so you shop and your data are safe
  5. we do the process at night - so as to minimize inconvenience to your customers


Service pricing

Price starts from 39.90 €. The final price depends on the amount of work and level of complexity of the process. Before we start this complicated proces, we will check structure of your shop and give you information about price.


If you've got any questions, feel free to contact with us