What addon creates after installation?

Usually each module in PrestaShop must be configured before the usage. The same is with product list attributes (combinations) plugin. This is why module has inbuilt configuration page where you can manage settings of the module. This "configuration" page is available in shop back office under "modules > modules" section:

product list attributes

After installation process module also includes the feature that displays combinations table to necessary hooks (positions). In this case it is "displayproductDeliveryTime". This hook is availalbe by default in PrestaShop 1.6. So in this version you dont have to do anyting else. For PrestaShop 1.7 "classic" theme and for PresatShop 1.5 themes it is necessary to add these hooks manually to template files (if theme does not support it.). 


Installation of module in PrestaShop 1.7

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