What clean urls module creates after module installation?

Usually, modules in PrestaShop must be configured before the usage. Pretty clean urls extension also requires configuration before the usage. Below you can find informations about sections where you can configure the addon. Clean urls addon from mypresta.eu is easy to configure and it is not necessary to prepare some advanced settings, because everything - module does automatically.

Where to configure the module?

  1. The most important section is module configuration page. There is a main configuration panel of the plugin. You can define there for what pages you want to enable / disable id numbers.
    pretty clean urls prestashop

  2. Other section where you can control a part of configuration - is a preferences > seo & urls page. There is "schema of urls" section, where it is necessary to configure the structure of links.
    schema of urls prestashop


To get more informations about configuration process -  go to the next step of this document where I describe configuration process of the addon.