Product edit page

As you already know this module allows to configure its paramters in two sections. First - is a module configuration page and second section is a product edit page where you configure settings of addon individually for product. It is wortth to mention that all "bulk" configuration forms (available on main configuration page) saves settings of minimal quantities on product edit page. So if you will bulk configure products - you can access to product edit page and alter settings of module for this product.

Define minimum quantity of product in order

Define quantity of product. Customer associated with selected groups will not be able to put less products to cart than defined velue below. Leave fields empty if you do not want to create such restriction.

minimum product quantity


Define minimum quantity of product's combinations in order

You can also specify values of minimum quantity for product combinations too. You can set minimal quantity for each combination individually!. Please note that if you will use this kind of minimal quantity - the minimal quantity for product will not be applicable, module will use minimal quantity for combination only.

minimal quantity product attribute


Only multiplied quantity value [yes/no]

Allow to order only multiplied value of defined quantity restriction. Module will use quantities defined above. For example, for quantity 3 module will allow to order only 3,6,9,12,15,...,etc. products, for quantity 5 module will allow to order only 5,10,15,20,25,...,etc. products


Allow to order 1 unit

Allow to order single unit. Useful if you want to allow to order single sample.