Where to configure minimal product quantity?

Usually modules must be configured before its first usage. Minimal product quantity module is also an addon that must be confgiured. Addon creates several new sections in shop's back office where you can manage its settings. In this documentation you can read about these new back office sections.

Where to configure minimal product quantity module?

  1. The most important section of module management is its configuration page available directly from modules list. Just hit on "Configure" button and you will be able to decide about how module will work in your shop. It's a section where you can also configure "in bulk" products (you can quickly setup minimal quantities for your products).
    minimal product quantity configuration page
    So, this configuration section contains elements like:
    • module settings
    • Mass generate settings
    • Quick settings - products list

  2. The second section where you can manage module settings is Product edit page section where you can setup module individually for each item in your shop. Here you can setup minimal quantities for:
    Minimal quantity of product in cart
    Minimal quantity of products' combinations in cart
    Accept only muliplied quantities for this product (like 6,12,18,24,30... and so on)
    Allow to order 1 qty (for example - you want to offer to purchase "test" example of product - like costmetic etc

    product edit page minimal quantity